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Dumb luck contest. Closed!

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I've recieved a few really cool freebies from various CP's lately, so I figured it is time for me to start giving stuff away, too. I'm just going to start with the stuff my friend Kevin sold to me tonight (it's easier to get rid of stuff that hasn't technically joined my collection yet). He pulled all of them from circulation, and all show varying degrees of usage.

The winners of this contest will be determined by dumb luck... just post here and the winners will be randomly selected by my nieces when they visit me later this week (exact date unknown).


Prize #1: 2 1995 $2 bills --- F58575712A and F58575713A. If that doesn't do anything for ya, they still make nice tips.


Prize #2: Seven bucks... consecutive ones. L33956304J- L33956310J. Nothing special, but seven free bucks (shrugs).


Prize #3: A bicentennial Ike, a bicentennial kennedy half, and a '99 Kennedy half (again, good tips, if nothing else).


Prize #4: A '67 Kennedy Half, and some war nickels.



All names will be put in together, and the winners will be drawn by Caitlin, Stacey, Hailey and Riley in the order shown. Now sign up so I think people like me! :ninja:

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