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  1. Closest I can find, Rosenberger 144, from Wildwinds.
  2. Help in ID, approximate date, and maybe a bit of historical context for this piece? Thanks!
  3. Libby is on her way to Abish as we speak.
  4. I think it is from 1664 and Portugal or perhaps Naples, but I have not been able to find anything yet.
  5. I am still alive and dying. My liver has gone bad and I am waiting to get on the transplant list. I have been living in hospitals lately and have finally got back and found Libby! She is alive and well (not me, but that is another story) and she is in bad need of attention. And a good dusting off. Where shall I send her to get out into the sun and back to the world of the living?
  6. Libby is safe. I have been in and out of the hospital for a few months now with Kidney Disease. So Libby hasn't gotten around all that much with me. I can send her along to the next in line of they will send me their mailing address. Sorry to be such a bad host for her. -BA
  7. Crap! What a find! That one coin would solve my money problems for at least until the money ran dry again. Fantastic catch!
  8. I have her now. Boy, I bet she would make a GREAT coin ring
  9. First off, it is "GRATED" Second, I don't like the tomb it is in. I would avoid it.
  10. Just the force of my tongue, Ladies.
  11. I did have Quaker Steak and Lube Hot Wings for lunch today. Weird...
  12. I'll try not to let this happen to her at the gun range.
  13. Just letting everyone know Libby arrived safely today. And then got Purelled
  14. Any story that ends in me eating pizza is a Pulitzer Prize winner in my book!
  15. Oh that is a beauty!!!! If it wasn't for that moon crater between the L and I on the obverse I would go 66 (eye appeal is stunning on that). With that canyon on the obverse I make it a 63.
  16. I think it is a 45 as well. But the luster and tone seem a bit off to me. Looks like an old cleaning and maybe an attempt at AT. Can't ever be 100% sure over the interweb... have to have the coin in hand to be sure.
  17. I like that! But I do have one older... http://www.coinpeople.com/Year-200-Lincoln...-Die-t1289.html I will have to get some better pictures of it now that I have a better camera.
  18. Whizzing would make everything nice and shiny, not hazy like this coin.
  19. I would agree with LD, that looks like MDD not a double strike.
  20. Got a F 1940S cent in change from Pat Catan's Craft store. The lady would not look through the drawer to see if there were any more I could get though
  21. Yes. One of the ways to tell if an MS Peace Dollar has been whizzed is to look for the starburst pattern. It isn't always there on legit MS coins, but if the starburst isn't there on a real Gem BU coin then that should be a good tip to start looking for other signs that the coin might be whizzed.
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