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  1. If you paid G4 money for that you did fine. If you decide to let it go email/pm me as I'd be interested in it. CJD
  2. not unless your library has a world class collection.
  3. These coins have now gone to eBay. I am listing them all week long so now is your chance if you missed out on something here. Here is my list of auctions: http://coins.search.ebay.com/_Coins-Paper-...QQsassZdykstrac All auctions start at 1¢ and have no reserve. Thanks! Chris
  4. I have finally gotten around to listing my Grandpa's coins on eBay. Here is a link to my auctions. All auctions will start at 1¢ with no reserve! This is your chance to get a good deal! Not everything is listed at the moment (Sunday evening Oct 8), but I am working on it. Here is a link to my list of what all will eventually be listed. Thanks for looking! Items to include: silver rounds, Indian Cents, Barber coins, Nice Walking Liberty Halves, Morgans, Proof sets, Mexican silver coins, and much more!
  5. My wife is pregnant and as a result I will be losing my job (as a house husband for our 2 year old, lol) later this fall, so I've been job searching the past few months and I decided to turn my hobby into my profession. I applied to a number of numismatic firms and as of yesterday I have been hired to work in the consignments department at Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas! I'll literally see tens of thousands of coins every year and I am thrilled about the opportunity to improve my grading ability through finally being able to consistantly see tons of graded coins. Plus the folks i spo
  6. lol, didn't that lady die about 5 years ago!
  7. lol, they actually went to a guy on CoinTalk by the handle of "GrimReaper"
  8. wow, you're not kidding, that's some list! I have to get to that list tomorrow. Do you have a high speed connection? or should I shrink down from full size (800x600) images?
  9. Sure, insurance is a bit trickier though. Let me know (through a PM) what you are interested in.
  10. My Grandfather has asked me to liquidate some of his stuff (everything outside of his current collecting interests) and I intend to eBay it all, but I figured I'd let you guys have a chance to pick up some of it first. As a note, all grades are my personal opinions, and obviously you may disagree with my opinion, so I will offer a full money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with any coin you receive from me. Also, large high resolution pictures are available for any coin(s) that you may want to see, just PM/eMail me with your email addy and request whatever specific photos you
  11. The new nickels made it yesterday, thanks so much! I have placed them in their appropriate spots in my type set!
  12. Art is showing some "sack" with this giveaway! lol I have plenty of these, so don't enter me into this contest, I just wanted to comment.
  13. I'm gonna guess that it is round, lol. I crack me up! sorry about that, I couldn't help myself.
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