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  1. After looking at everyone's pics, I can say for sure that Libby has more fun than any coin. Ever.
  2. Ebay can be awful when it comes to non-euro european countries. PM sent
  3. my scanner isn't communicating. I'll borrow a camera from someone sometime today...
  4. I could render one in just a few minutes
  5. http://www.wheregeorge.com beware of what's going to happen...
  6. Beautiful banknote!! Thanks for sharing. It makes it even better that it has a story behind it.
  7. I think I like banknotes more I have a few coins that I have amassed regardless, here they are and my asking price: BHUTAN 200 Ngultrum, 1982. Proof................................$17.00 ENGLAND ancient.... Henry VI, 1422-1461 AD, 1.8 grams Obverse: Henric Di Gra Rex ANGL Z FRANC, Crowned facing bust reverse: POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM, Cross aVF...................................$75.00 GREAT BRITAIN Double Florin 1887 - AU - $35.00 SOLD ISRAEL 1986 1 New Sheqel. BU. Silver. Israeli Art. KM-164 (I don't know what that means, but it says it on the holder). $8.00
  8. Is this including Confederate States?
  9. Right you are. The register, literally, overflows around holidays.
  10. I'll PM you a list of everything I found from today until next friday exactly one week from now.
  11. You would think they would give him a more content look; with all the neat new features, shouldn't he be happy?
  12. My polymer banknotes of the world book... wasn't supposed to be mine, was it? I meant to give it away with some other goodies after I finished the PNC... that I didn't finish... or start... I was also moderator of the banknote forum, I abandoned that too Well, coinpeeps, I'm sorry I let you down. Let me know if there's anything I can do to make it up to you! Thanks -Ben
  13. And this definitely, definitely wasn't derived from gpnyc's thread in the coin forum Must be a banknote you own... 1900 Costa Rica 20 Pesos remainder
  14. Fancy!!! It's got some new security features that aren't anything special, except for its "protective varnish"... I have never heard of that. Supposedly the update is not too soon, because counterfeiters are starting to focus on lower denominations.
  15. I work at Mailboxes & More on Siesta Key. It's a UPS/FEDEX shipping depot. This job rules. I'm "working" right now, as a matter of fact. That's right, half the time I surf the net on the front desk computer. The rest of the time, I'm sending off packages and getting tipped because I carry heavy stuff to old people's cars. Every day, I rummage through the register and any thing interesting I find: star notes, interesting serial numbers, and silver certificates -- I exchange for my own cash (yes, my boss knows I do this.) This auction is for the rights to exchange, face value
  16. Well OK then The winning total is $6.14
  17. I usually find something interesting in the register at work every couple of days. Just five minutes ago I found a series 2003 $5 with a neat serial. Condition: VG-F Serial: 11447733A Auction ends in three days, $0.39 postage, BIN $5.75 - go!!
  18. Nice find! Polymers and Dutch notes are my specialty.
  19. I keep my entire Dutch collection in capital holders in a big frame!! I love Dutch notes...
  20. I'm a BIG polymer collector; what I did was make a list using polymernotes.org, and highlight the note and variety/signature once I make a purchase. My favorite banknote dealer is Gary Snover @ garysnover.com, but if you find something too expensive just ping me and I'll find it somewhere cheaper.
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