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  1. Although, at this point, even in the best case scenario I'll likely still bogart Libby through Smudge's first birthday in August. She'll need help smooshing the cake. Also, for anyone thinking about signing up or hosting her again, just kidding about that whole curse thing.
  2. Sorry, guys- I think somewhere in her later visits Libby must have picked up a curse. Soon after her arrival my daughter developed some neurological problems that kind of took over everything. Smudge is doing okay, but we're still working on figuring out her troubles. I took a few Libby pics early in her stay, but she recently resurfaced in the bottom of the diaper bag. I'll try to take some more, and get her back on her way before three years is up so I'm at least not the slowest of the slowpokes. I'll try to get some of the pics I do have up soon.
  3. Go ahead and check in with Bobbycoin or, more likely, elverno. Just as a warning, I do think I'll probably keep her a little longer than ten days because I have a little camping trip I want to take her on towards the end of March. I don't get out and about much lately due to the spawn, so I need a little extra time to get some decent pics .
  4. Smudge is teething on poor Libby! Got her here yesterday.
  5. Abish

    An experiment

    As someone who first got interested in numismatics because someone spent a Morgan back when I was a cashier, I wholeheartedly support these antics.
  6. Abish

    An experiment

    As someone who first got interested in numismatics because someone spent a Morgan back when I was a cashier, I wholeheartedly support these antics.
  7. Abish

    Coughing :(

    Otherwise, well. We lucked out big time, she's a very good-natured, easy-going baby.

  8. I try to balance out every hundred or so nonsense posts with a semi-constructive one. I agree Nicholasz219, it is all about marketing. Accuracy isn't that important on sites like Ebay.
  9. Abish

    I'll consider Abish if there are more to come, then. :P

  10. Abish

    Aw, thanks. You're just about the first. Growing up a Jessica, I had to give her a much less common name.

  11. I understand it as just meaning a year that is harder to find for that coin, not that the year is especially significant to the country it was minted in. For instance, a key date might be a perfectly mundane year for that country, but one that happened to have a low mintage. I do think it is over-used, especially online. A lot of coins that some dealers would just sell as better years get bumped up to key dates kind of arbitrarily. In my speaking to other collectors, some are more old-school and still think that they should only use 'key date' on the rarest years for that coin, some peop
  12. Abish

    Splendid, sir!

  13. Abish

    Is that a pelican? Aaaw

  14. I can't even remember the last time I found something better than a sorely abused nickel or penny. Hopefully some luck will rub off on me in here.
  15. Hello, Steven. This is a great place to learn about coins.
  16. No. Old CP is a folk tale. What next, sasquatch sightings?
  17. I nominate Art as President and Head Coordinator of this charitable collective.
  18. Geez, why don't you go and ruin Santa for us, too?
  19. Thanks for the advice, I thought I turned it off, but I only turned off the autoflash. Bah. As far as the collection, it was what made working as a cashier worthwhile, lol. Thanks again, though. And See, I like that last one that is (almost) all nines!
  20. Still pretty darn good. I think the lowest I currently have is the 00001637 I posted. Very sad. And as you can probably see, I always say 'repeaters' but that isn't what I actually mean. I like to get as close to solid or binary as dumb luck will allow. I also love consecutive notes (esp. twos or stars), but a most of those were lost while Mr. Abish was out of work. Hopefully I'll be hoarding those again soon, lol.
  21. As you can see, I've never been a good photographer .
  22. Took some Q&D pics of some... no idea why the ones turned out alarmingly yellow. Bah.
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