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  2. Welcome to the never never land of coins and currency where the masses are pondering the reasoning of the prompt readers and the Rest of us are raising havoc in Pan land
  3. where can I get one of those 1977 franklin halves?
  4. Looks like http://www.bestcoin.com/1849-Gold-Double-Eagle.htm
  5. such a nice teller. . . . .
  6. Why oh why couldn't they be CANADIAN! Actually thats nice of you to do so. . .
  7. Ok I made it. . . . Is it snowing in the great white north yet?
  8. I think we do. it's called Omnicoin. Omnicoin Some of us also use photobucket and Flicker.
  9. Hello Gill from England by way of France. . Welcome to the Forum (The village I live in dates from the middle ages and was inhabited by Crusaders. ) now that's cool. .
  10. Lincoln lokks tireder than usual. . . Have ya'll been keeping him up late?
  11. Actually the Electric method is no less safe than putting a 9 volt battery to your toungue. . . Plus it's cool to watch. . .
  12. actually the lemon has acid in it. . . I really wouldn't suggest putting acid on your coins.
  13. Wow I started using that method in 2000. . . Everyone thought I was crazy. . . Well they may have been right about the crazy part.
  14. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/odd_old_money_found
  15. I voted Submitted By: Kathy C. Added: 04/22/2008 12:32 AM Avg. Rating: 4.8 Number of Votes: 31
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