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2006 loonie giveaway

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Torino 2006 Winter Olympics : Snowboarding




On the normal and large hill, each competitor takes two official jumps, which are scored for distance and style. The scores for each jump are added together and the competitor with the highest total after the two rounds is declared the winner. The distance the jumper leaps is measured along the curve of the landing hill from the takeoff point to the point between the jumper's two feet as he first touches the hill. Style points for each jump are evaluated on a scale of 0 to 20 by five International Ski Federation - appointed judges.


Sun. 12, Feb Men's Half Pipe

Mon. 13, Feb Women's Half Pipe

Thu. 16, Feb Men's Snowboard Cross

Fri. 17, Feb Women's Snowboard Cross

Wed. 22, Feb Men's Parallel Giant Slalom

Thu. 23, Feb Women's Parallel Giant Slalom

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Ice Hockey is definitely my favorite team event, but for the individual event I love winter's equivalent to the marathon: 30k(women)/50k(men) cross country skiing.



I have to agree the endurance events.

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