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  1. Ill open the auction. 2$
  2. Hi All Coinpeople members: Have this coin 1/4 Dollar 1929 Silver, i would want worldwide banknotes. Here are some pics:
  3. Hi WorldCollectibles, Im from Spain, so thats why im not attending shows in the US, i sometimes go to some shows here in Madrid, Spain and other places here in my country, to take a look for whats going on!
  4. HI all Cp members, want to sell some banknotes of my collection: Ask me, if any doubt UNC Condition: Colombia 10 Pesos 1964 20$ Argentina 50 Pesos NEW 2015 7$ The Netherlands 10 Gulden 1997 SOLD Romania 10 Lei 2008 Polymer 4$ West Africa 500 Francs 1986 10$ Venezuela 20 Bolivares 1987. Rafael Urdaneta Ships Conmemorative 7$ Venezuela 50000 Bolivares 2005 10$ Chile 500 Pesos 1990 15$ Namibia 100 Dollars 2003 20$ Cuba 20 Pesos 2002 4$ Turkey 10 Lira 2005 8$ Colombia 1000 Pesos 1995 3$
  5. Really like the design of 1$ and 2$ bill solid and classic, thats why i love that kind of design, i know that central banks of all the countries have to improve the security facts of bills for fighting against counterfiting, that why 5-100$ had change but i prefer only old american president on it, with all design If a woman on the US one day become presindent, why not a banknote with her on it, but right now are on 1$ coin, where in the older 1$ coin too, and in some quarters like Alabamas one with Helen Keller on it, these are some that i remember im sure that there are more women on coins in the US coins history
  6. Nice philippines notes!
  7. Ola Miguel, Bem-vindo to Coinpeople!!!!
  8. Incredible!!! :drool: Really good news for the British Museum and finders!!!
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