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  1. I am looking for a Nazi Germany coin to purchase from anywhere other tahn ebay. Does anyone have any sites/links?
  2. Presuming it isn't ready yet 16th March 8am
  3. Put me in I have them from the UK and France a US one would be nice and I am going to Chicago in May
  4. I was confused so I pm'ed about them and I was told my name would be added to the list. Thats why I am not in the signup thread.
  5. In my eyes this should be added Snowball fight On a side note I will be at this years winter olympics (Watching and skiing)
  6. Yes it was £6.00 when I saw it but as you see Ebay bidding wars.
  7. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SELECTION-OF-METAL-D...1QQcmdZViewItem Not a bad item there if only the scans were a little clearer.
  8. Wants All English Sixpences, before QE II. Seems weird but I would like an Ancient coin(Roman, Byzantine, Greek etc.) just so I have an acient example in my collection. Things up for sale/trade 3x UK Unc 1952 Three pences 2x UK Unc 1954 Three pences Coins for viewing UK channel Island commeratives. I copied this from an old thread so you may have seen these before.
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