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What did the mailman bring today?

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What did the mailman bring you today?


I received an Oregon statehood quarter.

Of course, the "mailman" only delivered it because he was being paid to perform his duties.


The reason I got it was that there are other people in this hobby who know what it means to be a "coin collector". :ninja:

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Numismatist Magazine for July

Coin World

ANR Newsletter

Case of RedBooks - Spiral bound

Redbooks - hard bound


No coins - no checks - and of course some bills. And a nice reminder from the IRS.

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Monday: New auction catalog from ANR, and my Merc dimes from skor....'s auction here.

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Recieved some Italian ;) and Netherlands coins from a trade yesterday.


Thanks Trantor!



You're welcome Bobby!!



Well, I received three different shipments today ;) with a LOT of coins:


The Netherlands 10 cent 1914


United States 1 dime 1956 plain

United States 1 dime 1991 S proof

United States 1 cent 1974 S


South Afrika 2 Rand 2002

South Afrika 1 Rand 1989

South Afrika 1 Rand 1992

South Afrika 50 cent 1988

South Afrika 50 cent 1989

South Afrika 50 cent 1992

South Afrika 20 cent 1965 English

South Afrika 20 cent 1982

South Afrika 20 cent 1989

South Afrika 20 cent 2000

South Africa 10 cent 1989 (2x)

South Africa 10 cent 1991

South Africa 10 cent 2001

South Africa 5 cent 1979

South Africa 5 cent 1987

South Africa 5 cent 1990 (2x)

South Africa 2 cent 1969 English

South Africa 2 cent 1982

South Africa 2 cent 1984

South Africa 2 cent 1991

South Africa 2 cent 2001

South Africa 1 cent 1983

South Africa 1 cent 1986

South Africa 1 cent 1999

South Africa 1 cent 2000

South Africa 1 cent 2001

South Africa 1/2 cent 1962



lots of holes filled :ninja:

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I can finally add something here. I got a Polish coin through yesterday. One commemorating John Paul II. It does bear a rather odd resemblence to a certain crown dated 1965. Although i hadn't noticed this until i'd won the giveaway. Eek.

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I received some cool bonuses today that came with payments: a cool 200 smackers note, a Minnesota-D state quarter, a Jeff nickel and a World Coin News newspaper! :ninja:


I would love to get a subscription to it, but it is way too pricey for Europe delivery.

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These arrived yesterday from Heritage. Two additions for my US type set. A 1937 Proof-67 Buff and an 1867 Proof-65 Cameo 50¢.





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