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  1. Hello, Adit. The lack of a coin shop won't slow you down much. The best coins I've bought were "found in the wild" as some say. I'll bet you find some outstanding coins in the possession of people who have traveled outside India and even from municipal governments who accept coins for tolls, etc. Also people who own vending machines will often have unusual coins. Thanks for signing in. Ed
  2. Hey, Tiff. Long time. Just thought I'd say hello.


  3. Good deal on the 70D, Jeff. Thanks
  4. Prompt response to my whining. Very patient, and a straight shooter.
  5. Great coins, good prices and very quick shipping. Bill's packaging is meticulously careful too.
  6. Cleaned up nicely as yours is, they can go for as little as $4-6 to as much as you paid. I see Roman coins fairly often but don't buy many of them.
  7. I got a great medal from a junkbox today. It's about 30mm, extremely high relief portrait of Joan of Arc on the obverse and a lower relief image of the Joan of Arc basilica in Domremy. On the obverse is 1412-1431 and below those two dates is 1909. It seems to be struck in nickel. This is now my favorite exonumia find from a junkbox even though I paid silver melt price for it by weight and it turned out not to be silver. I had thought it was low fineness silver from the color.
  8. Great pics, Tiff. That Spanish coin that Erik showed is going on my list, too. Thanks for some great pics, everyone.
  9. Can't make out the breast feathers, but the obverse is up in the 64-65 range, IMO. Is there good detail in the breast feathers? Beautiful Morgan, BTW.
  10. "But he also has a full set of proof (commemorative) Indian Head 1-cent pieces, which were minted from 1859-1909. These are among the most popular and widely collected items by numismatists because of their aesthetically pleasing design in copper and reputation as a good-luck piece. The most Burns has spent on one coin is $500." It's inlikely that he has a full set of IHC proofs if the most he's paid for a single coin is $500. It's unlikely he has more than a few of the later date proofs, in fact, unless the per coin limit was much higher. It's possible to assemble a set of IH
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