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  1. The colors seen on this coin are completely natural for the Lincoln series ,, I agree with Kurt that there is no sign of PVC on this coin . I voted MS-63 in the Poll. Here is another that Illustrates the natural toning present on this coin. Metalman
  2. 2 simple goals really this year . Finish my proof Lincoln set Finish my 100 year birth year set start and mentor 2 new collectors Rick
  3. This was especially common in the wheaties from the fifties. and was not limited to the Motto, filled loops of the date are aslo common, as well a BIE errors, die chips ,cracks and gouges were all pretty common. Rick
  4. I agree with Becky,, Post mint screwing around with the coin. Rick
  5. Metalman


    Hi Dad Stuff I have seen this type of thing before, The best I can tell you is that the coins went thru a bad wash at the mint, perhaps even one that had been used for nickels , and then cent, contaminated at any rate. when this is coupled with perhaps a variation in temp and humidity, and possibly some sulper content in the paper rolls, almost anything can happen, from colors to just an ugly black. If someone wants the cents to search for anomolous coins then that is great at face value it wouldnt be a bad deal. Even though I have no knowledge of anything of interest on this parti
  6. Hi Linda I collect the little one oz. bars !! Most of them to a collector are worth about 2 bucks over melt,, but like coins there are always exceptions to the rule, and some can go for multiples of melt. Rick
  7. Show me where it says anything about this being a brass planchet ?? The slab just says experimental ,,not brass!! Just like you were told in the other forum, color is not an accurate form of Identification of a metal type !! Just as an example, the Sac dollar although gold in color is far from being gold !! Rick
  8. From the large scan, it appears that the anomolies on the date are the result of several hard hits while in circulation. Rick
  9. Interesting concept !! mass hyponotic-suggestion !! Personally I give the people on this forum a little more respect than that !! My question is and was what is beneath the 5 ,,not at all an unusual question when looking at over dates, or repunched MM and things like them !! I see an 8 or at least something similar to the shape of an 8, as unlikely as it is for that to be the case, with the senarios being very limited how it could come to be there,, But the fact remains that there is something there! metal flow lines as has been suggested on another forum ,,but soemthing ?
  10. Take another look !!! under the 5 not below !! Look inside the loop of the 5 and follow the pattern, is it an 8? Rick
  11. Hi Everyone !! I am seeking opinions on whats under the five on this winged Liberty dime !! Thanks Rick
  12. Any machine will shoot for coins !!! The modern detectors Like the whites DFX MXT, or even the older machines like the Eagle Spectrum or the spectrum pro are all around detectors, computerised,with graphics for depth and ID. Tesoro or Minelab are also top notch machines,as are the Garretts, Just make sure that which ever brand you choose has a depth meter and a target ID and you will do fine !! These machines run from 900.00 to over 1000.00 New, but can probly be picked up for less if you shop around a little for used!! Rick
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