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PCI 5 - 1900 to 1949 AD Entry Thread

Guest Stujoe

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This is the call for entries for the PCI Season 5.


Please place your entries for the PCI Category


1900 to 1949 AD


in this thread.


Please give me a short description of the coin and a link to the omnicoin.com page for each coin entered.




1965 UK Churchill Crown



Limit is two coins per person per category to start. If I need more coins for a category down the road, I will call for more and it will be first come, first served.


Thanks for entering!

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Soviet Union, 1 Poltinnik 1925



Russia, 1 Rouble 1913, Romanov Dynasty tercentennary

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1942 - 1/10 Gulder, Netherlands East Indies.



1936 Canadian One Cent.


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1925 Lexington & Concord Half Dollar





Yes it's rough but it's one of my favorite coins. Well circulated this commemorative was. Now it has a place of honor in my collection.

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Here's a few more if you need them...



1913 German States Prussia 3 Mark



1931 Latvia 5 Lati

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