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  1. My father gave me some coins he collected as a kid, and I am partial to some of them. I just started doing to research (and I still am) to broaden my horizions. I went through the Red Book, read about the coins, and picked out a few favorites. I also like coins with stories behind them, like the 1903-O Morgan dollar. I always try to find stories about coins, and then the particular coin gains interest to me. Other than that, just which ones are visually pleasing to me, like toned Morgans are BEAUTIFUL. -Robert
  2. WOO HOO!!! <does a little dance> My mommy always said I was special...and now I am a weiner!
  3. I like how they put his address in the article.
  4. "For the first time in the organization’s 114-year-history, a member of the American Numismatic Assocation’s board of governors was deprived of his seat by unanimous action of the other board members present." OUCH!!! That must be like getting kicked out of a church.
  5. Ahh...this was in fact the coin that I was looking for. Thank you for posting it. I also noticed the "Home Made" comments on the PCGS registry.
  6. Is the pocket piece theory that after carrying it for years it will look like...well...crap?
  7. I remember seeing a picture of a well-worn SBA, and when I say well-worn...I mean well-worn. I have searched for an hour and cannot find it. Will someone please repost it? -Robert
  8. The example was the 19/20th century split, but the same goes for the 20/21st century split.
  9. I have decided that I want to put together some type sets and create some variety. One type set folder that I have is from Whitman and is a 20th century type set. On the directions, it suggests more towards collecting by type (even if a particular coins falls outside the 20th century) rather than collecting by type and date. For example, the folder suggests that I could pick one of my 1893-S Morgan dollars to fill the Morgan spot, rather than say a 1921 (20th century) Morgan. I know it is just symantics, but shouldn't a 20th century type set only contain coins that were actually minted during the 20th century, or should it be any date so long as the type existed in the 20th century, or am I just thinking about this too much? -Robert
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