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just curious


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I had a complete set of Morgans and like a fool sold a bunch of them off! Now I am back buying the Morgans again! Still have a ways to go as I prefer unc. Morgans unless they are key dates. Then I must back off a little. I have as many as 4 and 5 of many common date Morgans. If they are AU or UNC and I have extra money in my pocket, well goodbye extra cash!

I have completed a U.S. Type set, Washinton quarters, Liberty nickels (V nickels), buffalo nickels (almost twice), Franklin halves, Kennedy halves, Euro albums and up to date with Sacagawea!

One coin shy of a Mercury set (guess which one), about 16 coins short on Roosevelt dimes, working Walking Lib. quarters, Shield nickels and large cents.

Also working commemorative half dollars, Canadian Type set and a massive silver Euro commemorative set. Guess where all my extra money goes?

Have started another Franklin half and a Peace dollar album in the last two years but not making much headway on those! World coins are also on my mind as I seek out unique and very old classics from Europe! A never ending battle to stay coin poor and I love every minute of it!

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I am just curious to know who here is trying to complete a set of some coin specifically! I'll start by saying I'm trying to have a complete set of morgans!




I sell a fair number of Morgans. Let me know what you need and I can tell you what grades I have in the dates you are after.


BTW, the 2.5x2.5 cardboard crown holder, like the one holding the '21 Morgan in your avatar, is a good idea for long term storage of silver dollars. 2x2s leave such a small margin that the staples are closer to the coin than I like.

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My major project now (long-term of course) is my Saint set. I have also completed sets of 2-cents (minus the 64 SM), Buffs, Jeffs, Roosies, Washers, Franklins, Kennedies, Peace, and Ikes.. I still need 3 coins to comlete Lincolns (guess which ones) and I have a book of 3cn and BU Morgans that I work on when I get bored.


O yeah, I forgot about the Silver eagles, I have a complete set of proofs (minus the 1995-W) and a roll set of BU except for 1986 and 1988.

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I've got a few sets on the go. The main one...


Basically i'm collecting a certain type of English silver penny issued between 871-975. I'm collecting them by monarch, so i'm ignoring all the many different minor variations available, my main goal it to have one example of this type from each monarch in this period. Now that makes 7 coins in total (since seven kings reigned during that time span) but because these things are so damned expensive i've narrowed it down to just the 10th century, so that's cuts it to 6 coins. Currently i have two with a third one paid for and awaiting delivery. So i'm as good as half way through and i have the keys so i've got the more 'common' ones to get now. (It'll be a while before i get another one though).


With this set it's a matter of getting what ever's available when i can. The only main rule is that the coin is intact, or at least over 90% of it must still there. It is cheaper to buy halves and fragments but they just aren't as good.



Not exactly fantastic designs, pretty simple. But historically these coins are very important, both generally and numismatically.






I also a collection of BU P mint Washers on the go, but i'm kind of luke warm on that set at the moment, it's not a major priority.

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My main focus is on Morgans right now. You can see my need list in the want to buy forum. Down to needing S and CC mint coins. Also have a Peace dollar collection that is complete. Just need a couple upgrades. As well as completed US dollars from Ike to present. Also have some world commemorative dollars, I really like the Canadian commemoratives.


As you probably guessed by now I like dollars.

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Lincoln Cents 1909 to present w/proofs

Jefferson Nickels w/proofs

Roosevelt Dimes w/Proofs

Washington Quarters (including SQ) w/proofs

Kennedy Halves w/Proofs

Ike Dollars w/Proofs

SBA Dollars w/Proofs

Sacs w/Proofs.

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Kennedy halves

Franklin Halves

Walking Liberty Halves

Lincoln Menorial cents


In progress:

Wheat cents (need 3)

Liberty Nickels (need 9)

Mercury Dimes (need 14)

Barber halves (need lots!)

Holed dansco 7070 Type set (need 38)

US type set from each mint (need 350+)

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I have too many "working on" sets for my own good. Th main ones at the moment are


For US:

Franklin halves

SAE proofs

modern BU commems


For Finland: my lifetime goal is to get -simply- everything. An example of every circulating coin, commem (proof & unc) mint and proof sets, the works.

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The Netherlands:


1 cent Juliana 1950 - 1980 complete

5 cent Juliana 1950 - 1980 complete

5 cent Beatrix 1982 - 2001 complete

10 cent Juliana 1950 - 1980 complete

10 cent Beatrix 1982 - 2001 complete

25 cent Juliana 1950 - 1980 complete

25 cent Beatrix 1982 - 2001 complete

1 gulden Juliana 1954 - 1980 complete

1 gulden Beatrix 1982 - 2001 complete

2.5 gulden Juliana 1959 - 1980 complete

2.5 gulden Beatrix 1982 - 2001 complete


10 gulden Juliana complete (= 2 pieces)

10 gulden Beatrix complete (= 5 pieces)

50 gulden Beatrix complete (= 9 pieces)


The Netherlands euro coins all denominations : complete


working on:


Beatrix 5 gulden

Wilhelmina : all denominations ( 0.5 cent, 1 cent (almost complete) 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 0.5 gulden, 1 gulden, 2.5 gulden, 5 gulden (gold) 10 gulden (gold)


When I have those (almost) complete, I'll focus on Wilhelmina's dad: Willem III



Al other countries : type sets only

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My main one right now is the Silver Eagles. I'm working on getting the mint states ones (at least MS68) and after I get those I will work on the proofs. At my current rate it will take me until mid next year to complete the MS series.


I may get into some English coins, they are just too beautiful to pass up!

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