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  1. anyone looking to get one Thursday? I haven't seen any pricing yet. Do you think this one will sell out early? Double Eagle
  2. I was at wally world the other day and when I stepped up to the cashier she was complaining to her super about 5 Ikes that some one gave her. I offer to give her $5 for them and she was glad to accept my offer. I took the coins and put the in my pocket. When I got home I looked and one of the coins was a silver Ike proof. Nice return on my $5. Rick
  3. Very nice Sac proof. Saved me from having to buy the whole set. Thanks Rick
  4. Count me in. I haven't won anything in a long time. Rick
  5. WOW what a difference. Thanks for the info mufelika. I'm glad I decided to get a second opinion. Thanks again. Rick
  6. Hi all, I'm not much on bank notes so thought I'd ask you guys. My Father-in-law left my daughter a 1914 $20 South Carolina note. We stoped by a local coin shop and he said it was extra fine and was worth about $350. The owner was not there so don't know how well I can trust this person since mostly he wanted to buy it. Can you give me a ball park figure of about what it's worth I can add pictures later if needed. Thanks Rick
  7. Thanks. I'll start checking some of the local dealers to see ehat I can find. Rick
  8. Does anyone know of a good place to buy US silver coins in $1000 bags? Thanks Rick
  9. Thanks jtryka, the last set due out is the mint set in june/july time frame. I'll try to remember to remind you them. Rick
  10. I know they're not out yet but I need just the Sacagawea dollar proof from the proof set. I don't save the rest and can't see buying the whole set for one coin. So anyone going to break open a set and willing to sell the dollar? Thanks Rick
  11. 1> I hope to finish my Morgan set. Could be a tough one though. 2> Finish my Lincolns 3> and maybe start a US type set. It's going to be hard to beat 2005.
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