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  1. WTB PCGS or NGC graded morgans and peace dollars in MS condition. Any help would be great! You can PM or email me at brent33cher@cox.net -Brent
  2. tisk tisk tisk what a shame! Imagine that a quarter sold for a quarter -Brent
  3. Does anyone understand the bidcoin site? I was given 5 dollars store credit but am confused with how you are supposed to use it! Any help would be great! -Brent
  4. I have tried to set up an account but they always ask for a credit card! -Brent
  5. my avatar has a 1921 morgan thats in my collection Also I have a AU 58 morgan graded by PCGS! -Brent
  6. As I have learned, It's better to be safe and not do it then to be sorry and ruin the coin(s)! -Brent
  7. very interesting what you all are trying to or have put together! I am also working on a type set you could say! -Brent
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