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Latest Banknote purchases.

Guest Aidan Work

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Thanks Mau, the 200 is such a crazy detailed design, so different from the 100 or 500, and they are pretty large as well. Perhaps not as large as the large size American notes, but much larger than the current size note.


And yes, very nice deuce captain!

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I sure like the red seal Bens. I have to imagine not many of them circulated or they would have stuck out like a sore thumb to tellers and store clerks.


According to USPapermoney.info My lihttp://www.uspapermoney.info/serials/all___h.htmlnk they were only issued in two series: 1966 and 1966A. for both series, there were 1,280,000 regular notes combined and 128,000 star notes. Right up there with the red seal One Dollar note issued in 1928 which had 1,872,012 regular and 24,000 star notes.

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A new note to my collection

Serbian's note, I like this style of notes.






I am confused why it says both Serbian National Bank, and then on back, National Bank Kingdom of Jugoslavia on reverse? I know they overprinted these with puppet government but why leave Kingdom of Jugoslavia stuff on there?

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I had to go look at mine:




It seems like multi-colour printing is actually printing over of "Narodna Banka Kraljevine Jugoslavije" but doesn't quite get rid of text.


Also they black out texts which promises to pay bearer of note in metal coin! So you get the worthless nazified fiat money now :sorry:

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Your's note is without these overprints and is cleany. Thats right, nazis dirt these banknote.

But I collect all the notes over the world and this is another one I put to the my collection :bthumbsup:


Thank's for compare and the wisdom of them ;) ;)

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The arms of Maryland from a One Shilling note printed in 1733. The Latin legend on the note Crecite et Multiplicani translates to increase and multiply.




Maryland issued it's first paper money in 1733, and it had a curious reason for issuing it - each taxable person in Maryland who burned 150lbs of tobacco to prevent the depressing of the tobacco price was paid 30/-. The notes in seven denominations from 1/- to 20/- were authorised by the Commissioners of the Loan Office and backed with a purchase of Bank of England stock. These notes were intended to be issued until 29thSeptember 1764, after which they were retired. The plates for the notes were engraved in England, and the notes were printed on fine woven and watermarked paper that was made in England also and bore "Maryland" in the watermark.


These notes are long horizontal notes, and the image above has had to be reduced to permit it to easily be viewed. They were printed in plates of five notes each, a curious feature of the notes is that in the lower left center where the denomination is there are stars denoting the plate position of the note - this note having four stars was the fourth note on the plate. These notes having been printed in large quantities were used for the 1733 issue, then unused sheets were used again for a 1740 and a final 1751 issue. Because of the quantities printed for each denomination they were stored in archives for a long time - becoming redundant with the 1756 note issue that was printed by Jonas Green of Annapolis. Subsequently a small quantity of them have been liberated from archives in Maryland and now represent the earliest paper money that is readily available for most collectors.




The indent portion of the note, like many early banknotes a portion of the note was kept in an account book, and the note was cut out by hand using a sharp blade usually with a wavy pattern to make the cut unique to the note as a guarantee that it was original.

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