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  1. Heard about this in my local paper. WA state dept of revenue is having an auction and there are a number of currency lots. Might be some good deals since it's not promoted to collectors specifically. The auctioneer's page is here: http://murphyauction.com/Auction/Catalog/225
  2. Wow, nice 54s. Wonder how that set got put together. Some BoC official must've plucked them off the presses, you'd never assemble something that awesome from circulation or even from a bank. Either way, congrats on picking them up!!
  3. Is selling/trading notes permitted here? I know there is a trade forum but I think it's for the coin folks, anything for notes would just get lost in there. Didn't want to post anything without asking first. I'm sick of ebay's policies. Thanks
  4. I paid about $115 for my Bernhard fiver, from a guy in the UK. Exchange rate miiight've helped a little
  5. I recommend the heavy mylar sleeves this guy sells: http://cgi.ebay.com/STANDARD-SIZE-MYLAR-CURRENCY-HOLDER-/230561261736?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35ae85a8a8 Haven't been able to find them anywhere else. He has other sizes too, just search for them in his store.
  6. Great notes Baxuss. Nice to see another collector of vintage queens! The Mauritius portrait is by Pietro Annigoni. The Queen bought the portrait in 07 but I think it was originally painted for the Fishmongers guild. "I did not want to paint her as a film star; I saw her as a monarch, alone in the problems of her responsibility" he said. Maybe some think that's overly romantic or nostalgic but I think it makes for a great artistic vision. Plus I think it captures, perhaps unintentionally, the modern need for monarchy and other ceremonial/historic institutions to retain the pride and dignity of the "head of state" position thus denying it to other parts of the government--hopefully keeping them more humble, as it were. There's 2 varieties, one by TDLR and one by Bradbury Wilkinson. This is a great little guide for collectors of Queens, I've used it many times: http://www.pjsymes.com.au/QE2/default.htm Annigoni is portrait no. 9.
  7. West Coast is sparse--only FRB out here is in Frisco... surprising considering how new the system is in relative terms.
  8. About as soon as they hit someone's wallet or the drawer of a cash register, probably. They could persist much longer in smaller groups if stashed after being received from an ATM though. I recently sold a consecutive pair of 2004 sawbucks in AU condition at face (plus $5 shipping ) on ebay to a guy in Pennsylvania because it seemed like a shame to break the pair up. My biggest regret is the run of 7 Neff autographed $1 FRNS I bought for about $90 a few years ago. I sold 3 of them for about $100 total, so I got 4 consecutives for basically free. But I wish I'd kept them all... I was about 16 or 17 at the time so I needed the money or so I thought
  9. My collection of Queens now has its crown jewel...
  10. Of those the only one that might be worth a few bucks is the Bahamas note AFAIK and that only if uncirculated. So no, you aren't suddenly rich but I think you should hang onto them. I always keep notes given to me by family or friends as most of my collection is built from online sources so those are of more sentimental value.
  11. I was curious if anyone here has any opinions on the euro currency with a view to banknote collecting. Obviously the Euro stifled new issues of many currencies, reducing the variety available going forward. Has the currency union affected collection or valuation of pre-euro banknotes? Would you relish a collapse of the union (as some are now speculating could happen) for the restoration of national currency notes?
  12. I think most of us here have bought and sold notes and experienced the joys of taking gains or the pain of taking losses upon reselling something that you didn't need for your collection or were simply holding onto as an investment. My general impression is that low-value notes (the kind you find in "100 uncirculated world notes for $100" lots always stay that way--otherwise I am less certain. It seems as though some Far Eastern notes have gone up in value, certainly. English notes seem fairly stagnant (even the older ones) but many colonial notes with no face value have appreciated quite a bit since I started collecting. Any observations folks here are willing to share?
  13. Haha, that ebay guy is the same one selling the Rhodesia note I posted in the other thread. Saor warned me off on that one so I drastically reduced my bid on the assumption that the note was overgraded. Didn't even come close to winning, but better to miss a good deal than get a bad one.
  14. Oh, crap. Lot of my older pages are probably pvc then. Would they be usable if I put the notes in known mylar holders and then put the holders in the pages, or should I replace regardless? Are most "top loader" type holders (thin but sealed on 3 sides) made of PVC?
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