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  1. At the opening of the 20th century there were ten note issuing banks - Aberdeen Town and County and Caledonian were swallowed up by North of Scotland and Bank of Scotland early in the century which left eight. The next round of mergers began in the 1950s and on up through 1969 with the merger of British Linen into Bank of Scotland - which now leaves only three note issuing banks. British Linen continued as a savings bank up into the 1990s but has since been renamed. The banks always had their unique designs and continue to do so, but they do coordinate colour schemes with all of the other UK banks in Northern Ireland and England as well as Isle of Man and Guernsey and Jersey to afford some colour recognition.
  2. Oldest from Belgium, and a real stinker to find in nice collectable grade:
  3. I got an email the other day that some bill I entered a couple of years ago was just entered in Wisconsin. I only enter ones that people have stamped.
  4. Must have been Italy day at the coin machine: 50 Lire 1976 2 Euro 2002 - I never mind finding $2.50 worth of one coin in the reject slot.
  5. Very nicely done, like those large sized images
  6. For some reason I have gotten interested in USA colonials once more, I collected them years ago - mostly when I was a teenager. I have owned a well worn twopence from 1723 that is not imaged yet. Recently I came across this prototype penny from 1723 in an auction, this example has 24 pellets in the centre of the rose as opposed to the usual 15: The piece is a British VF for the issue. Most everybody will figure the legends on the obverse, but the legend on the reverse is American Rose - Useful and Sweet. As with all of William Wood's royal patent coinages they were made diminutively compared to British regal coinage and as such they were near universally unpopular in their destined circulation regions. Some of the American colonies refused them outright, others accepted them only in limited quantities and some like Massachusetts printed their own small denomination notes to compete with these coins.
  7. Canada 5 c 1968 Canada 5 c 1976 Canada 10c 1997 Canada 25c 2005 Canada 25c 2006 Vancouver Olympics Ecuador 25 centavos 2000 - a sort of neat find since Ecuador uses the dollar coin and bills, but change coins are local.
  8. I think I will wait until I can buy it for melt value.
  9. Indeed, he has the distinction of being the only living president ever on Federally issued currency: Which even for the time was not exactly a popular idea with many in the public - in the North! We may forget now, but Lincoln was not universally popular practically anywhere. In fact it was not until after his assassination and the subsequent realisation of what a truly remarkable president he was that he was appreciated. But he was also on the 50c Fractional note in the 1870's and it is reasonably affordable. In my critical estimation he is one of the very few individuals worthy of such accolades as being on currency. And some of those other characters, like Andy Jackson, the 1830's ethnic cleanser are certainly not.
  10. 1998-S cent, someone must have busted up and spent a proof set. A sort of curious find for a reject bin though.
  11. Lots of acquisitions the past few months, some are imaged, some are not yet and none are loaded to website. Too busy searching coins.
  12. Nice piece, don't those just pack a lot of design and history in such an affordable package?
  13. Aruba - Netherlands crown dependency Bermuda - British possession Cayman Islands - British Cook Islands - New Zealand administered, don't think they issue currency anymore and now use NZ $ again Faeroe Islands - Danish possession Falkland Islands - British crown colony Gibraltar - British dependency Guernsey - British, but otherwise self governing. Hong Kong - Chinese administered and some self government. Isle of Man - British, but otherwise self governing. Jersey - British, but otherwise self governing. Macau - Chinese administration with very limited self government. Netherlands Antilles - Maybe becoming a new political unit in union with Netherlands Northern Ireland - part of the United Kingdom, really a country. Scotland - part of the United Kingdom, but gaining more and more self determination. Somaliland - unrecognized state that split off from Somalia and or Puntland. Taiwan - defacto independent state that charts a course claiming government of all of China. Tatarstan - never independent, but a autonomous republic of the Russian Federation and no claims to real self government. Transnistria - unrecognized but by several other former USSR breakaway states like S. Ossetiya and Abkhaziya - it is a real throwback place, like 1950's era USSR that actually was sort of scary to travel through(albeit illegally!) But they do have their own paper money and coins that the former really is used, but the coins not so much because of inflation.
  14. Was only ever a Nazi run puppet state of WWII.
  15. I know that all too well. Actually the Owl was my first significant ancient purchase - it is one of those awesome ancients that is so emblematic of a whole era of human history.
  16. You're really sliding down a slippery slope of chequebook destruction! Ancients will send you to the poorhouse if you are not careful.
  17. This is my daughter's coin because it was made near to where she was born and she liked it: And these are fakes purchased in bazaar in Donets'k:
  18. Yes I have more coins and am looking for the Karl Goetz medals and the 1929 gold medal from Germany for the Zeppelin. There is a difference betwixt a Zeppelin which is a rigid airship with duraluminium framing and the blimps in the USA - the latter are just inflated with no metal framing. The Zeppelins flying today are more of a blended airship with more modern materiel in the framing and some support from pressurised helium. Aviation history is a serious side interest of mine, especially lighter than air ships.
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