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  1. lovely additions everyone! (nice 20y from fiji) here are 2 more for italy from me
  2. nice slovakian specimen, i also like the old greek notes and coins (20ies or so) sadly these coins are quite of expensive Capt Awaks, i see but you can get a nice one on ebay dont u ?
  3. also replaced the 50.000 Bernini, type 1, 1984 the one i had before had pinholes
  4. Capt Awacs American soldier in sicily ? interesting notes everyone. 2 more updates from me (for italy ofc) Finally got a 'centered' 'fascist' Lira ( 1 Lira 1943, Empire serie ) and starting my AM-Lira (Us army in Italy during WWII) set ( 1L., 2L., 5L., 10L., 50L., 100L., 500L., 1000L. ) 10 'AM' Lire 1943a black spots in the back just dirty scanner.
  5. nice 20 Francs might get one later 3 new for ITALY 50.000 Lire 'volto di donna' 1978 1 Lira ' Luogotenenza ' 1944 (Fascist regime gone) - tiny note - 2 Lire 'Luogotenenza', tiny note finally direct link to my italian collection : LINK
  6. Hey it's been a while since i posted the last time but today i got a couple of new additions to my ITALIAN collection : 1.000 Lire, G.Verdi, Type 1 1966 5.000 Lire C.Colombo, Type 2, 1973
  7. winged bulls , they do have the back (and horns) of cows
  8. very nice polish and canada notes baxuss
  9. i was thinking about opening a thread about those SETS you (well me!) really wish they were REDESIGNED because GRAPHICALLY POOR or NOT AS nice as that Country History-Art (etc) well one Country Set I CANNOT REALLY LIKE (and i wish it was much more nicer than the one in use is) RUSSIA i just CAN'T digest the style, what about you ? (ofcourse the Euro Currency is one of the Top in the list too, design style + country own style killing)
  10. i've been researching very little about what Cuba has to offer about Currency, here's a 'doable' image of interesting pieces do you have any other samples i was unable to find ? (please not every banknote but some that YOU think its worth considering) ty
  11. 2 more Notes coming SPAIN 5000 Pesetas 1979 CUBA 3 Pesos 1988 i get these 2 notes for the portraits they have, Juan Carlos and Che Guevara im not a lover of specimens, so i had to take the train or leave it, with sacrifice i took it. interesting note dave!, why did you get it ? interested in some details into it, or for the period ? or ?
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