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Short Snorter 2006


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CoinPeople Short Snorter 2006
This is the signup thread. Post your name here if you want to participate. Pick out a great note and be ready to mail it to me quickly. I'm planning to mail the package of notes to the second signer on March 1,2006. (I know that sounds a long way off but, trust me, in things like this there will still be people who miss the deadline.) All notes for the SS2006 must be in my hands by 15Feb2006.

General rules:

  • You supply a note to be signed and returned to you.
  • Each participant agrees to hold the notes for no more than 5 days.
  • Each participant agrees to send the notes to the next person on the list via USPS Priority Mail - Insured (or the European, Canadian, whatever, equivalent)
  • The parcel is to be insured for $50.00 US
  • Participants will post in the tracking thread when they received the notes and when they send them on to the next person
  • Notes may be contained in a protective sleeve.
  • Each person is responsible to handle the notes carefully to avoid damage and or loss.

OK enough rules. Let's go. Signup here. I'll PM mailing instructions to those who may need them.

CoinPeople 2004 Short Snorter Album

CP2006 Short Snorter Signup List

ID Pkg Recv'd Pkg Mailed Mailing @ email@ note
Abish N/A N/A x    
Anita's Mom N/A N/A x N/A CoinPeople 100 Snorts Series 2005 - Unique
Art x x x x Iceland 100 Kronur 1961
Banivechi     x x Romania 1000 ? 1941
Bobbycoin x x x   100000 Lira Turkey
Burks x x x x Phillipines 1 Peso Japanese Govt
ccg x x x   Bank of England 1£
Henare x x x x Cook Islands $3.00
Jlueke x x x   Hungary 200 Forint
Jtryka x x x   Yugoslavia 1000 Dinar
Kuhli x x x x Yugoslavia 5000 Dinar
Labmom x x x x 50 Somethings from Somewhere
Mmarotta x x x x Custom Note
Parish, Dave     x   $5 Custom Note
Ray x x x x CoinPeople 1 Coinbuck
Rodney x x x   Tucuman 1 Austral
San_Miguel98 x x x   San_Miguel Custom Note
Sir Sisu     x x Finland 10 Maarka
Spain_number1     x   Spain 50 Pesatas
SugarCheryl x x x   Bahrain 5 Dinar
Tiffibunny x x x x Bulgaria 100 Levi 1951
Trantor_3     x x Netherlands 10 Gulden
Whohah x x x x Cereal Repro note

Last Updated on 6/24/2006

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I think I'll go with another Bulgarian.  Eventually have a whole set of Bulgarian short snorters.



I'm hoping to use a Ghana note. Maybe the one I just got from you. I had thought about using another Intis - maybe a 100 or the note that I used from the Dominican Republic for Christmas.

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I cannot be in... Tomorrow I'll go back in Germany and there I don't have my own postal box, so I cannot guarrantee the mail safety. But, I will be grateful if you all will sign one of my notes. My girlfriend will send it monday to Art

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Of course! ;)

You can count me in! :ninja:


I don't know if I'll design one again, or just find something appropriate at the local coin store, but I would not pass this up.

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