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My god, how nice.


I honestly can't imagine how beautiful that would be if it happened to be striked on platinum planchets. I just think platinum might be a better option. :ninja:


I heartily disagree! With the hardness of platinum compared to gold the striking of this design would be a travesty. Already the low relief version like the 1914 pictured is much less than Saint-Gaudens' desired, striking it in platinum would turn such a design into a glorified subway token. Just my opinion, a pretty strong one, but an opinion nonetheless.


And for all you folks across the pond, if you ever get the urge to buy one of these, I would recommend looking at Heritage, as they are one of the largest dealers in gold, plus their auctions provide the opportunities for some bargains. Their website is www.heritagecoin.com. Between the auction lots and inventory, they have 163 available right now.

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