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Modern; 1951-Present

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Enter your modern coins in this thread;


Requirements are;


1) One photograph of coin to be entered, (as hosted on omnicoin, please give just the direct address of the picture, so basically the address minus the tags)







2) A description of what the coin is, where it is from and roughly when it was minted.



Maximum entries per category for each entrant is two coins, at present.

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Probably the hardest choice i've had to exert over coins :-(


Firstly, my favourite series of coins in modern times has been the french 100 francs / 15 ecus and 100 francs / 15 euro series which depicts famous buildings / landmarks from within the European Community. Two or three of them stand out above the rest for the detail anddepth of field achieved, superb mirror fields and frosted reliefs. Aaaaargh choice choices...... I'm going for...




1993 100 francs/15 ecu `Arc de Triomphe' in Paris.




1995 100 francs /15 ecu `Alhambra Palace', Granada, Spain

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1958 U.S. Half Dollar, Benjamin Franklin, toned.



1966 Italy 500 Lire, Columbus' fleet.


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