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  1. Hi There are several good reference books.All written in English. I use several. Obviously Spink Coins of England (about £25) The 2013 is just out.A bit basic. Coincrafts 2000 catalogue.A good reference (available 2nd hand) North Volume 1 & 2(about £45 each) Englands striking history (by Rotographic) Good value and an interesting read.(£7 or £8) There are further specialist books which cover various subjects, The above should start you off. As you specialise you will find more information and websites.
  2. http://www.abccoinsandtokens.com/DH.Lancs.107.001.html Or even this
  3. http://www.abccoinsandtokens.com/DH.Lancs.120a.001.html Hi Your token based on this would be worth £1 or £2 only
  4. Hi As advised your coins are all very common and only worth anything in UNC. 20p's with date one side are worth 20p. Even the dateless 20p's are now only £40 and I expect this will be £40 for the next 25 years....they are vastly over rated and not a good investment.
  5. They also come in a purple box. They are proof's. I have handled many over the years and never paid more than £3 or £4 each. There is a frosted version and a sandblasted version which are very rare.I do believe the location of all these pieces is known to the market.
  6. Please let me know how much my 1954 house is worth. Now think about your question.
  7. I would happily give it GEF. It is a no colon after REG P1484.This is more common than REG: (P1480). The black toning and also the finger print knock it. Personally I wouldn't buy it. I would expect a dealer to ask £65 and maybe a deal could be done at around £50....no more. Spend another £30 and get an AUNC/UNC with good toning and no finger print.
  8. It is a brass gaming token actually manufactured in the 19C.They are very common and cost less than £ at coin fairs...I have sold a few for 99p on Ebay.You can't really get ripped off for $3
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