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  1. There's something almost ethereal about that portrait.
  2. The closest to specialised is probably Predecimal which mainly deals with British coins.
  3. They have one of those at my local museum (Blackburn). Never been on display though! I suppose I could arrange a private viewing with the Curator one day.
  4. Finally imaged that almost as it is in hand. Images updated above!
  5. I love the angels; it's the Hungarian piece for me!
  6. So it's come down to this after months of competition. Both are worthy pieces, but my vote goes to the Polish one.
  7. That was my understanding. The exhibit with the dies and punches was scant on making a distinction between the two.
  8. I spent the last week in London, and whilst on my travels visited the British Museum. Armed with my camera, I took a few photographs of exhibits I thought were quite interesting. They are posted below for your viewing pleasure... Some dies: Some dies with the finished product: A Gothic piece with its collar: A whole set of dies: A plaster cast of a full size pound before being reduced: ...on a reducing machine:
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