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Neat piece I got to shoot today.... 1796 $10


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What a great coin! Nice job with the photog. Matt. You captured the fields, the details, the wear, the luster, and the tone all in one great pic. Any others to share?

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Hi All

Pick these up today at local pawn shop.



1852 $1 nice condition.... pay $80.00 american






Don't know anything about this German coin I found at local thrift store, but it looks interesting. silver??? date 1911 3 mark.


I pay a whole $2.25 american


also found this 1947 un peso looks silver... for .50 cents


let me know what you think.. Sorry about the dig pics, i am not to computer savvy, but learning, now that I am retired, lots of time for coin scouting. LOL


take care



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I got to handle this piece and photograph it for a customer today. I thought I'd share...


What a monster!




___________________________________________________ :ninja:__________________________________________________________


Re your post description, I thought you tossed a coin into the air and shot it like Anny Okley!!!!!

Seriously..... what a wondous, eye popping piece.


Thanks for sharing!



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