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  1. I like the reverse, but the "full frontal" position of the portrait on the obverse strikes me as a bit off.
  2. Great coin! Is it common to provide photography service? It's a great idea. Especially with such a skilled photographer.
  3. The bar looks great! Congrats to the winners!
  4. I've always liked the consistency with the SQs having Washington on the obverse. I think it would be a little too much, but it would be a bit refreshing as well.
  5. I'm in. PM me please! Thanks, sbvenman
  6. Same here. I think it would look great in the titlebar.
  7. Bummer, I was hoping for some romantic tale of long lost memories re-invigorated by an infatuation with goetz-ian memorabilia. Life really isn't the movies...
  8. I'd be more interested in a book telling of how you acquired all of these artifacts and medals and why you became so interested in Goetz...
  9. My grandma sent it to me today. I emailed her back of course and explained it all. I also requested any that she finds without in god we trust be sent to me...
  10. I received a great package in the mail today! Expecting to find silver in the form of Kennedy's or Washingtons, I saw two walkers gracing the inside of the package!!! As promised, the photos to prove Hiho wasn't lying. I must say I was thrilled and the informational cards are a great touch. Do you have a template for making those? They have joined my fledgling Walker date set and have both jumped into their proper holes in my 2x2 binder. Thanks again, Hiho, for the cointest! Happy Holidays to All! -sbvenman
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