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  1. I'd be nervous to handle it. I just have this mental image of it rolling across the floor and down a crack in the floor!
  2. I finally got two rolls of P's from the bank a few days ago. Haven't seen any since.
  3. Hi there! I recently caught a break from my wife when I showed her some of my silver bullion and told her it was like having a savings account, just in silver! Of course, I may now be in trouble if the washer breaks!!
  4. Nice Florin. I only have one (so far) but I like them.
  5. "..they don't even fit in vending machines." I love it! Oddly enough I had some Kennedy half's in my car last week (I get them at the bank to look for silver) and I actually thought about that. I didn't have any dollar bills or other change except dollar coins. The vending machine at work doesn't take them either!!
  6. My lowest mintage is an 1825 half cent. Only 63,000 minted. The date show two varieties for rarity, one rare and one common. Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out the difference yet.
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