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  1. This was an interesting article. But I wonder where does it stop? Soon no one will want the 50 cent pieces then it will be just dollars, and everyones going to round it up I would imagine... Five cent coin "should be scrapped" One cent and two cent phased out in 1992 New Zealand has dumped its five cent coin IT'S Australia's most shunned shrapnel, the 5c coin - and if shopkeepers and retailers had their way, the echidna-clad currency would be ditched. They say the coin should go the same way as the near worthless 1c and 2c pieces, phased out in 1992, and the New Zealand 5c coin, dumped in 2006. Supermarket Woolworths now stocks nothing on its shelves worth 5c, while a register search of Big W products found only one item costing that much - a school exercise book on sale once a year, the Sunday Herald Sun reports. Melbourne City parking meters do not accept the coins and even sweet seller The Original Lolly Store has abandoned the 5c price tag, with the cheapest lolly at its Melbourne outlet selling for 15c. Full Story: http://www.news.com.au/business/story/0,27...376-462,00.html
  2. Hello everyone. I have an Ebay site I set up that is easy to search for coins. Its http://www.todayscoins.com Thanks for looking and good luck. Jason
  3. I go to the bank and have plenty of unsearched rolls, that were modern rolls and I would sell them for a premium on another forum. I still have one, and you can tell its in the old paper..
  4. I dont care to call them anything. After 1959 they are dead to me
  5. Wow how I would love to handle that coin. So beautiful. Thats one lucky man to have it in his collection.
  6. I lived in San Francisco, so not far from the old one. Now I just live about 30 minutes from it
  7. I would love to see a pic, if you dont have a camera draw it or something. I was wondering how you came to find out that they had purchased it in 1849 and not a later date? just curious.
  8. I went and got some rolls of Kennedys and ended up with 5 silvers.... 2 1965 and a 1967 1968 1969....not bad....
  9. I have to find some time to run to my bank, i wanna see if they have some rolls for me.
  10. Anyone have any California Tokens? Thats what i collect.... oh and 2coins, you should crop your photos, they might show up better......
  11. I have a peace dollar that is in way more worn than that one.....is there a prize???
  12. Anyone have any laying around that you dont collect?
  13. q4t?? whats that? And yea, i want more, im greedy, I have only found a 2.50, 5.00 and a 10. I still need a 20 and a 50...expecially the 50 :-) I posted a pic of one i found a while ago...
  14. Im not sure if you can with rhodium? i used to work with platinum and rhodium a bunch, but I have seen it in lots of forms, just not coin form....
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