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  1. ROFL!! And Ian, do grow up, old man! hahaha...
  2. Making a fake of the same metal should do the trick
  3. It is a Silver Poltura of Karl VI (Hungary); reverse is Madonna with Child type.
  4. They always seem to say fake - they turned out to be both genuine, just a little worn that's all...
  5. I have a Guinea Coin Weight of Queen Anne, quite hefty for it's size at approximately 8 grammes, and diameter is approx. 19 mm. Just wondering if anyone can tell me much about this item??
  6. Good to see people coming in here just to make a sale and posting in the wrong room without enough posts. A WILD WEST!
  7. Hey you wouldn't get anywhere without the basics now would you
  8. Sure, you have to pay the darn postage after all 8o
  9. It's worth whatever the collector will pay for it - ask $30!
  10. Info: It's called a 'Pyatak" cos' the Russian for 5 is 'Pyat' (Adyen, dva, tree, chetirye, pyat, shest, syem...) It's made of copper. Umm....
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