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  1. ROFL!! And Ian, do grow up, old man! hahaha...
  2. Making a fake of the same metal should do the trick
  3. It is a Silver Poltura of Karl VI (Hungary); reverse is Madonna with Child type.
  4. They always seem to say fake - they turned out to be both genuine, just a little worn that's all...
  5. I have a Guinea Coin Weight of Queen Anne, quite hefty for it's size at approximately 8 grammes, and diameter is approx. 19 mm. Just wondering if anyone can tell me much about this item??
  6. Good to see people coming in here just to make a sale and posting in the wrong room without enough posts. A WILD WEST!
  7. Hey you wouldn't get anywhere without the basics now would you
  8. Sure, you have to pay the darn postage after all 8o
  9. It's worth whatever the collector will pay for it - ask $30!
  10. Info: It's called a 'Pyatak" cos' the Russian for 5 is 'Pyat' (Adyen, dva, tree, chetirye, pyat, shest, syem...) It's made of copper. Umm....
  11. How many millions you want for it?
  12. Guernsey!! http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=guernsey&a...ved=0CBQQ8gEwAA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guernsey
  13. Great note! Wanna hear how to make money instead? Don't buy a Lotto ticket, be $10 richer for it!
  14. It's not new, it's 2010 now. A bird? That's regional, probably Guernsey or isle of Man (Eileann Manin?)
  15. Congrats on your English/British beauties mat!
  16. Just hold on. YeOldeCollector!! Geordie!!! If it's real, it's a kind of Anglo-Saxon Silver Penny from England minted during the Dark Ages. In that case, it should command a price in the hundreds.
  17. Thanks for the link - can you translate the German "AUF DASS DIR'S WOHL GEHE" (For the yours well go??), I find it interesting this is a gift medal for children? So it's not a jeton??
  18. CCG - I knew nothing of it! Thanks for the lead...sounds interesting.
  19. I am struggling to find a link for this beauty! I wish I could afford Feuardent... PS; does anyone have a nice, old spare copy?
  20. I am not overly familiar with that genre of coin - the Edward VI stuff is all rare so it won't be incredibly cheap to get one I believe. You don't see them very often on eBay, your best bet is some kind of specialist medieval dealer in the UK. Have you messaged YeOldeCollector?
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