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  1. Hi, Supercell ~ Looks a lot like a confection, which is just a polite label for a fake based on something that couldn't have existed in the first place. Aside from the coloration and the condition of the lettering (serifs, etc.) in the obverse legend, what steered me most strongly in that direction was the general mushiness of the strike, particularly from the crown's headband upward. For example, compare the line of gems and the scalloping above them, and the fleurs-de-lis, to the attached HK 10c (1894) from Heritage. Have you weighed it? Should be 2.7g. Best ~
  2. Wow! I obtained one of these in a bulk acquisition of Conders maybe 20-30 years ago, and my inability to find it in D&H despite many attempts has been "bothering" me ever since. It's been in my box of unknowns for years, so I REALLY appreciate this research, Constanius! This is an outcome I never would have foreseen in a million years! BTW, the thing about this piece that always made it seem a little "off" to me was the uniformity and precision of the lettering in the obverse legend, chiefly in comparison against the dozen or so other Wilksinson token varieties I have, not to mention against the plate coins in D&H. Thank you for the find!!! Tom
  3. Hi, all ~ This token came to me a while back as an "unknown." It's a little less unknown now, but not by much. Last year a fellow member of the CU World & ancients forum tracked down the snippet of heraldry on it to the Minshull family in Cheshire. Craftsmanship suggests 18th century, perhaps well before the time when Conders flowed like Champagne. Could be a colliery check or a boundary token, or perhaps a truck ticket. Haven't got a clue what the H*I or I*H means, or even which way is up. I sent these pix unsolicited to the president of the Lancashire and Cheshire Coin Association. While he was thrilled to see it, he knows nothing about its provenance, so it's on that group's agenda for their October meeting later this week. That may turn up something, I hope. Have any of you seen this piece before or know anything about it? Thanks in advance for whatever leads you might be able to give me. Best ~ Tom
  4. Nice stuff, Matt. Very punchy photos, too...or are they scans? I'm a newbie on this forum but have bought some Dalton silver from you recently via eBay, where my handle is Collegianakid. Not a farthing, but certainly unofficial, here's an Irish menagerie piece from the 1720's that seems to belong on this thread: Best ~ Tom
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