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  1. Rod, your 1911 Olten gold medal just knocked my socks off. Here's my gold restrike and a silver original:
  2. Mint state with natural toning and the reverse is quite beautiful.
  3. Quite possibly a one of a kind creation and very well done. Definitely has value to the right collector. If you sell it on eBay let us know as some of us may bid. PS - Ian, I love your descriptions. "Some are outstanding examples of `art' others are coin butchery personified." "The taler is itself quite rare and to all intents and purposes, to the hardened collector, it has been well and truly goosed." Write a book about coins and I will buy it!
  4. Post some photos and someone here will be able to help.
  5. Almost all of my coins date between 1750 - 1950, but here is a Henry V Groat a bit earler than that. Make me an interesting trade offer and it's yours.
  6. The Dutch Silver Riders are popular but the price depends largely on grade. As all of yours are details graded don't expect much more than about $75 per coin. Also, you would do better if you had a clear photo of each coin.
  7. Pretty rare English copper Conder token won in a recent Davissons auction.....
  8. NGC has a great iPhone app, available on iTunes.
  9. Hard to narrow this down to just one coin, but probably a nice 1955 Lincoln DDO Cent.
  10. Just realized I misspelled Ibbersons and left out one "B". Oops!
  11. Greetings! If anyone has an Ibberson's D&H Middlesex 344 Conder Token that they would care to sell or trade please let me know. This token has a lion on the obverse, and a tiger on the reverse. Any condition, it doesn't have to be mint state, but that would be nice.
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