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  1. Yes indeed! Thanks for posting that. It's a beautiful piece.
  2. While there are many that I love and collect, Morgans are my favorite.
  3. Excellent Rainbow! They don't come any nicer than that. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Harpo

    $1 hoard

    Hard to tell from the scan and because of the toning but I would think better than MS-60. Maybe 63? Glad to see you were able to score so many Silver Dollars at once. Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time.
  5. OMG! I take it this is a raw coin.
  6. Also, I realize that the VAM is probably without interest...what VAM does it appear? The "O" appears high and there doesn't appear to be any doubling of and of the date digits. I would say it's a Vam-4. Vamworld.com 1898-O Vam 4 Compared to yours: Looks very similar. The provenance of these items precedes all the recent crap coming from China. Whew! I was afraid the Chinese were getting Way Too good at it.
  7. Then we'd have Glow-in-the-Dark counterfeit coins.
  8. I can make out the date at 1800. No idea yet on the other.
  9. For a 66, I was expecting a much cleaner coin. Seems to be a lot of scratches and ticks. Is on this Carson City grading curve? Don't get me wrong....it's a beautiful Morgan, but a 66? Set me straight. (Lord knows I need it.)
  10. A machinist with too much time on his hands?
  11. Being my Grandmother was blind for the last 34 years of her life, I have no problem with making it easier for the blind to tell which denomination is which. Though she lived alone for many years, a family member always had to be with her when she was shopping and pull out the correct bills. I can't imagine what a blind person, who is completely alone, goes through. This is something that should have be done YEARS ago by the BEP. It is an easy fix and will make life better for those without sight.
  12. I like spending the Ike Dollars. Now thats a coin that turns heads. I go to a store that gets a couple every few weeks and thay always save them for me. I use them as tips or, if I'm so lucky, at the Casinos. Using an Ike at the BlackJack tables will really get some stares. Some dealers will fight over them. Others want to refuse them thinking its a token from another casino. Some pay no mind. The players ask to see them. Something fun always happens when you throw one on the table. As big and bulky as a Morgan Silver Dollar, you won't mistake them for anything else.
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