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Sad story about National banknotes


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From the newsgroup rec.collecting.coins:


Coin dealer gets a call from a customer asking if he was interested in

buying national bank notes. Guy brings in 19 Unc. nationals but......


they had all been laminated in plastic by the guys father 40 years ago.


Trying to seperate the notes from the plastic was impossible. Notes are ruined.


The guy just about crys when told what they would have been worth unlaminated.


They were common notes from a bank in Minneapolis but in unc. condition

should have been worth at least $200-$300 each.


$5000-$6000 down the drain.



At least one poster held out hope that maybe some of the plastic gunk could be

removed from the notes but I wouldn't hold out much hope for them having

any collector value.


Sad story.

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Why try to get them out? Unlaminating anything is next to impossible. I'd buy a laminated UNC as a cool filler or conversation piece for maybe 20% CV of an undamaged note, so there is a market, not all is lost.

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