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Coin metals


Which coin metal is your favourite?  

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  1. 1. Choose your favourites, you can select more than one

    • Copper
    • Bronze
    • Zinc
    • Aluminum (Aluminium)
    • Iron
    • Tin
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Brass / Nickel Brass
    • Nickel
    • Copper/Nickel Clad
    • Copper/Silver Clad
    • Copper Plated Steel
    • Nickel Plated Steel
    • Palladium
    • Cupro-Nickel
    • Rhodium
    • Nordic Gold (as euro 10, 20, 50 c)
    • Other, please specify.

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Where are cardboard (fibre) and clay (ceramic)?

The former used for circulation coins in Manchoukuo/Mexico and the latter in Japan.....


They're not here because the topic is based upon 'Coin metals'.



My favourite has to be silver. ;)

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I like gold best, is nordic gold really gold? seems like a misnomer, sincer there isn't any gold in euro 10c, 20c and 50c, though I am getting a 100-euro soon that has gold in it!


Hi Jeff


No Nordic gold is not gold at all, I wondered the same when I first came across it, totally a misnomer, trying to make it sound valuable when it's base metal junk. Although that's just my opinion! ;)

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How did I miss this!


Copper, bronze, silver, gold, nickel in no particular order. Copper fresh off the press is my favorite. Blast white silver or toned silver too. Nickel (and its alloys) looks good too. Gold is a classic but I like the others more.

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Copper plated steel? Lots of countries do that but not silver plated steel. Not from what I know.


Personally I like obsure metal like tantalum. Still have to get my hands on niobium but there's a huge range of the anionized color stuff that's going on - not too keen on that.


Mexico has struck coins with interesting chemical properties -


Stainless steel

16% ~ 18% chromium

0.75% nickel, maximum

0.12% carbon, maximum

1% silicon, maximum

1% manganese, maximum

0.03% sulfur, maximum

0.04% phosphorus, maximum

remaining of iron


Now that's neat.

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Silver, bronze, brass and copper, and the copper-silver-manganese alloy used for wartime Jefferson nickels.


*looks up page* Which means I forgot to check 'other' for manganese.


Anyway, silver is an obvious choice, bronze and copper likewise, and my brass threepenny bits are some of my favorite coins.

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