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  1. Historic Coinage's summer list is now out with a whole range of hammered and milled silver coins available: http://www.historiccoinage.com/newadditions.php
  2. Some Anglo-Gallic, Naples and US Morgan Dollars. https://www.ebay.com/sch/historiccoinage/m.html
  3. I've found this useful when dealing with Arabic coins: http://worldcoingallery.com/Inst-ID/Arabic.htm From recollection, not all Umayyad coins are dated, though.
  4. I am pleased to announce that Historic Coinage's 2017 Winter List has been published and is now available here. The list features an eclectic mix of coins and tokens, from Anglo-Saxon stycas to Crusader silver to Plantagenet gold. Many of the coins form 'The Collection of a Professor', a quality selection of English silver & gold acquired in the 1940s and 1950s from Seaby, Baldwin & Spink. Most of these coins have not been on the market for 60+ years and several have eminent provenances attached to them, such as Lawrence, Grantley, Carlyon-Britton & Duke of Argyll. Please do reach out to me if I can be of any assistance whatsoever and I hope you enjoy browsing the latest list.
  5. I suspect it's something done as a school experiment or similar. I see dozens of these each year where people use zinc sulphate to alter the colour of the coins. Here's an example: http://www.instructables.com/id/Turn-Copper-Pennies-into-Silver-and-Gold-Chemistr/
  6. I wonder if it's a cheaper version as it's a relay race, and so there would multiple recipients of 1st just as there would be of 2nd. It's still boxed in its original box so I assume it's still F. Phillips of Aldershot who seemed to do many school & army sports medals in the 1930s and 1940s. I'm guessing brass, but it does look much better in hand.
  7. More old school memorabilia arrived this week. These came up as a job lot.
  8. For any hammered aficionados out there, I've just released my Spring List. Plenty of Saxon rarities: http://historiccoinage.com/newadditions.php?id=4
  9. This is what is known as a pattern issue, it was essentially a trial piece used to test a design - this cannot have been legal tender due to the mismatch between the date and when George III was king. You can see similar examples here: http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Florin+George+Iii+Pattern+Trial&category=9&searchtype=1
  10. In my honest opinion, it looks to have been worked long after minting to give this appearance.
  11. Which country was this found in? Looks like a metal detecting find of a button or stud mount.
  12. Definitely not English. Looks to be a Scandinavian issue in imitative style of Aethelred II's English Longcross type. This is an English issue: Have a look at Brita Malmer's work as that will have it in if it's an official issue and not a Baltic/Scandinavian contemporary forgery/imitation.
  13. I don't doubt that people will pay a great deal for them but I suspect that they will soon be taken down from eBay, the same way that IS flags have been. If I was offered the chance I would not purchase them as it would be profiting a group that is actively committing some of the most barbaric acts we've ever witnessed.
  14. It might just be me but the coin above looks a little odd - the lettering, the edges and the purple hues make me question its authenticity. I'm no expert on Portuguese coinage, though. What is its precise weight in grams? However, I've read about this counterstamp before and have found the link which will give you plenty to read about: http://www.worldofcoins.eu/forum/index.php?topic=5727.0
  15. In the UK grading system this would be classed well below Fine and, as such, is not rare. Still, it's less common than a 'standard' penny of Victoria so still a nice thing to come across.
  16. I've just uploaded some items to my Summer List. Please take a look: http://www.historiccoinage.com/newadditions.php Includes this:
  17. Not sure if this is sarcastic, but I didn't see this post as it's in the Ancient section rather than the British Hammered section where I tend to frequent. It is of York mint and the moneyer looks to be Heathewulf. It's William's Bonnet type.
  18. The British ones are worth face value - so £0.26 which is about NZ$0.56. I suspect the US cent is also worth face.
  19. Nice Bohemond III piece, Vfox! Here's one I used to own, if it gives you any more info.
  20. Hi Steffen, welcome to the forum. This is a penny of Henry II, as you say, but not a shortcross. This is a Cross & Crosslet penny, otherwise known as a 'Tealby' penny due to a huge hoard of them found at Tealby in England. The moneyer is Turstain and the mint is likely to be Ipswich. Looks to be a variety of Bust C from the portrait. Hope this helps.
  21. Welcome to the forum. Larger photos are needed to make a judgement call, I think.
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