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  1. g,day I am finding it hard to get it verified as genuine here in Australia, to far removed from the euro bustle I think. regards Al
  2. Happy Christmas to all who helped me out in 2015 regards Al
  3. check out the detail on this farthing I love it specially the golden hind and the lighthouse
  4. I think this is a farthing, anyone know, pardon me if I have put this up before. regards Al
  5. g,day Art1.2 thanks for the info on that a lot of the tech talk is beyond me, I might wait and vet what people I get to come onto my new site cos I want to set it up for interchange between genuine collectors in the main. my biggest block at present is sorting the collector from the hidden dealer hey! I have attached one of my Oils for you to peruse as a change in mailing hey!! kind Regards Al
  6. I do have my own site but I don't think I am allowed to mention it yet, is there a limit to the amount of pics I can upload.? regards Al
  7. here we go, I have a wonderful collection of farthings these are some old ones I have as double ups.the thing I like about UK farthings are the differences in sizes and types over the years. regards Al
  8. here you go folks another coin to have a look at I hope they give us a bit of joy. regards Al
  9. g,day thanks for your comment and reply, my main interest in my declining years is going to be collecting US 1 5 &25 cents to jump start my enthusiasm and I am going to use my UK Ca and aussie stuff to trade for them, while I have indexing them all I keep finding these odd ones, Kind Regards Al yesterday I found a SA 1941 1d very strange with "imperator" on it
  10. I found this in my loose stuff what do you all think of it??? kind Regards Al
  11. I could probably agree but to what end, what would be the purpose, the coin itself wouldn't raise a brass farthing in worth even without a rim, still its worth looking at hey!!!! Kind Regards Al
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