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  1. Hello Arminius, Thankyou very much for helping to identify the mint and moneyer, very much appreciated, it had me baffled for a while! I use a homemade axial lighting system, similar to this - http://bit.ly/2sxH12r but a little more honed for coin photography. I use a dark background which is tidied up afterwards with a photo editor, it works very well. Kind regards
  2. Hello, No nothing in particular, just British coins from Anglo Saxon through to the 20th century. They are all beautiful in their own way. How about yourself? Mat
  3. Hello Coin People, My name is Matthew, I have been a member of this site in the past and thought I would get involved once again. I am primarily a collector but also venturing into selling coins as a hobby. I have some lovely old British coins and I thought I would use this thread to share some of them with you, I intend to post regularly and I would also love to see some of the British hammered and milled coins in your own collections! Aethelred II (The Unready) Silver CRUX Penny Coin 978 - 1016
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