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  1. This is the source: http://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/undated-20p-coin
  2. In November 2008 a number of 20p coins were incorrectly minted resulting in their having no date. This problem affected less than 250,000 coins of the 136 million 20p pieces minted in 2008-09 and was due to the previous obverse (the ‘Heads’ side) being used with the new reverse (the ‘Tails’ side) design, meaning the year of issue did not feature at all. These coins remain legal tender and still have a face value of 20p.
  3. I think they're Indian coins from the Mughal era
  4. I always wondered if people were interested in them, how much would they pay for it?, that's if Ebay or other sites allow it. Also if someone finds an Islamic State coin on the street (an unlikely scenario, but there have been terrorists coming back to the west from ISIS territories), what would you do?
  5. Looks like they are Indian coins from the Mughal Empire.
  6. Is it because of moral issues or the lack of interest in collecting them?
  7. ISIS have minted their coins and said that they will circulate it through out their territory, whether that is achievable, I seriously doubt it, but if one of these coins get on Ebay or other websites, how much would people be prepared to pay for it to add to their coin collection?
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