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Found 16 results

  1. Multiple $10, $50, $1, $2 bank notes. Very old. Some pre 1905. Very good condition. Can not upload image from phone as it says file too big. I can send pics or give more detailed descriptions. Sent picture to HA.com and with in 5 min they called and offered Thousands of dollars for a few old bank notes. Also have huge collection of coins (US currency). Have not even begun to scratch the surface on coins. Please help me figure out what I have found and what I should do to preserve/donate etc..
  2. I'm really not sure on this. The clues I have found are not bringing up any results on Google searches. T.H. Wong C.P. Shing Kwon Held Bank Note 1000 What is this? It feels pretty old. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. I'm 99% certain this is a Japanese 100 Yen, but I can't find this exact design anywhere on the internet! I'm guessing it's somewhere between 1930 and 1945, but I haven't a clue. Your help is appreciated
  4. My father recently passed away and had a few coins that don't appear to have a ton of value, but not sure where to try to sell. There are 13 state $2 bills as well. several half dollars, commemorative coins, gold plated quarters and half dollars. Where do I start? We are trying to pay funeral expenses so at this point everything we can sell we are trying.
  5. Dear fellow coin enthusiasts! can you gays help me identify this little silver coin? I ll take a wild guess and say is Golden Hoard? Thank you in advance for any help. Mihai. P.S. Can t atach the foto s,after all the crop an resizing pictures still to big.
  6. So, I recently ordered a 2016 Silver Somalian Elephant from provident metals, which I thought was just the basic silver coin pictured on their website, but when I received the coin today it appears as though it is gilded on the side with elephant, but on the reverse it is just plainly silver. Can anyone give me some information on this? or is it supposed to be like this and i'm just ignorant on this coin. Some info would be very appreciated.
  7. Need someone's help! Please identify this ancient button (or medal(hard to say what it is exactly). Kindly also value it if you can. Thanks everybody in advance.
  8. I bought an old coin collectors box at the weekend - an empty one - and found this hammered coin under a piece of felt! I would love to know more about it - mint etc - any help much appreciated!
  9. We found this in an old collection of Mexican coins, however we're not even sure if it IS a coin let alone from where and when. It smells and weights like bronze, and it has some sort of sealer on the side of the cross, or what looks like a cross.
  10. Hi, i got an héritage where there are coins, one of them from 1862. There are several from 1900 something. But i want to sell them. The problèmes is that i canot identify them and i don't know how to wash them. Thanks
  11. Hello! I'm very new to this website and, actually, I'm posting this on behalf of my father-in-law. I'm mentioning this because, in case anyone wants to ask any question related to numismatics, they should know that I know close to nothing about it. The reason I post this is because my father-in-law has been trying to identify the coin in the picture for some time now with no success. Can anyone help me please?
  12. The pictures are in the attachments! If anyone can identify it that'd be amazing.So far my friend and I have found pretty close matches with Russian coins and Turkish coins. I live in America found it near school.
  13. I found this coin going through some of my moms old travel things. She has a lot of foreign coins from her travels and this is one of them. She doesn't remeber where she got this from though. Where is this from and how much is it worth? Is it even real?
  14. Hi, I'm new and am not a coin collector. I was out a a flea market here in Florida and got a small box lot of jewelry. There was what I thought was a medal but ir says Republica Peruana Lima, Una Libra and other stuff on the back. I did some reseach and this coin was made from 1898 to 1969 in gold for the whole time. This however looks like tarnished silver and is enamelled. Weird. Looks exactly like the coin and has ridges on the edge. Any ideas?? I haven't tried to clean it, but it doesn't look gold to me unless it's hiding under tarnish. Thanks
  15. Hi there, Back home for Christmas and I ran across my childhood Roman coin collection. I'd be really grateful for some details on these coins if you have any clues! Best 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  16. Hi. Can somebody help to identify this coin? (in attachment). Thanks in advance.
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