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  1. Anyone know anything about this coin or can tell me anything about it that would be awesome I'm not 100% if it's worth something
  2. Hi , does anyone have any info or explanation ,as you can see one of my half pennies is brighter then the rest almost gold , I thought it might just be well preserved , but it stands out so much that perhaps it's been pressed with the wrong metal? Any thoughts?
  3. I am new to collecting coins. I found, what I think is a 1982-D penny. Looking online I see that one sold for $18k. The odds are not in my favor, but how can I tell for certain if the one I have is rare?
  4. Hello Coin People, My name is Matthew, I have been a member of this site in the past and thought I would get involved once again. I am primarily a collector but also venturing into selling coins as a hobby. I have some lovely old British coins and I thought I would use this thread to share some of them with you, I intend to post regularly and I would also love to see some of the British hammered and milled coins in your own collections! Aethelred II (The Unready) Silver CRUX Penny Coin 978 - 1016
  5. So I see each these YouTube videos about 1982 small dates struck on copper planchette what happens if you have a large date 1982 penny that weighs 3.1 grams they have no value at all it's a still an error right?
  6. It seems to be a 2009 D penny...I’m curious on the type of error or errors this has, also its value roughly. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  7. 2008 Lincoln error letters above date
  8. I have a recently found two 1969 's' mint pennies and I was wonder if you guys would be able to tell me if this double die? I also threw in my 1970 's ' penny😀 thanks ahead of time ! Let me know if you guys want to see the pictures the topic is saying my photo size is to large to upload.
  9. Hey, new here. I have a 1976 British 1 pence coin that is silver instead of bronze. It looks like any other penny in every way except for colour, It is definitely not painted or coated. I've looked online for anything similar and came across this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1201445/Grandmothers-rare-silver-1p-piece-net-thousands.html My coin looks exactly like the one in that link. Is the article a load of bs or do i have a coin worth a lot of money? I can't upload photos now, but can tomorrow. Does anyone know anything about this particular coin? Thanks
  10. Hello Coin People! This is my first post, so apologies if I am putting this in the wrong forum. I also did a quick search, but couldn't find a clear answer to my issue. I have an Indian Head penny. But, unlike other pennies I have seen this penny has the Indian head on both sides of the coin and each side has a different year. One side shows the penny marked as 1887 with the Indian Head. The other side also has an Indian Head marked as 1904. Any advice or information about this coin? Is this unusual? I'll try and get some better quality photos shortly.
  11. Hello, Thank you for adding me. I am a newbie. I don't know what to think about this 1919 Lincoln Penny. Thoughts?
  12. Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum's and this is my first post, hope it's in the correct area! I have a fair sized Canadian penny collection, just missing an 1894, and I'm working on the different varieties of the different years. I have both the large and small 1920, and I came across an odd large 1920 at a junk sale, as you may see in the pictures, the middle coin is slightly smaller diameter than another large 1920 to it's left, it also has a very large raised edge as seen in the last picture. Any idea's on what I have here as I cannot find one like this listed in any guides or online anywhere? Thanks.
  13. Found this coin with a circular dent around the "D" mintmark (1984 D US Penny). Is it possible that this is an error coin of some kind? Dent is symmetrical in depth and width. Here are some pictures, sorry for the quality. http://imgur.com/iBjoU2U http://imgur.com/bKaHks7
  14. Hello everybody, I need some help to identify this coin. Coin is 3.63 gramm weight and 1.9 centimeter width. The edge is smooth. Everybody russian collector I asked says it's a souvenir, but I want to believe... .
  15. I always pick up change when I see it. I picked up this pretty penny. She is blank on one side and has a clear bubble over the side with the head. Perfectly round. If anyone has a theory on this beauty, I will be very intrigued to know. I love a good story Thank you!
  16. hi i have a number of old pennies that would have been very nice coins if it wasnt for this surface rust? is there any way of removing it without wrecking the coin any more than it already is ?
  17. Hi, everyone . I am a brand new member, here. I have this 1940 Lincoln Cent and I'm not sure if this is an error that happened at the mint or in somebody's garage. Could these indentations have been produced at the mint? I have searched high and low and cannot find any resources citing such markings. Thanks for your help.
  18. The Canadian 1 cent coin was eliminated in early February 2013. It cost more to produce than it was worth. But while the government's choice was probably wise in some senses, they might not have considered the enormous inflation that they have engendered. 500% isn't peanuts!...
  19. My father-in-law (deceased in the mid-60's) had a small collection of old 1960's era Canadian pennies that we just came across. He kept them in a glass jar filled with a clear oil (vegitable, olive, etc, don't really know). Presumably he thought this would preserve them. Unfortunately they seem to be ruined. We haven't tried to clean them in any way yet. Any suggestions?
  20. I have a 2000 plus a 2007 penny without mint marks.. is this an error or is this just Philadelphia mint?
  21. Hey guys, just wanted to share with you this amazing box of pennies I picked up to coin roll hunt through. I have been CRH'ing for two years and this is the first time I have ever found anything like this. In the $25 box of pennies (Canadian currency as I'm in Canada), I found what appears to be 2000+ wheat pennies from various dates! Some even go back to the teens! I am still in shock and surprised. I put coin roll hunting videos up and have been doing so for quite a while and just added this amazing box to YouTube. Words can't possibly do this justice so I am sharing the link here if you want to see the finds from my first five rolls and the rest of the box! I've also posted videos showing the pennies from almost every roll in the box if you want to check them out!. Thanks guys, let me know if anyone else has ever found or heard of such a high number of wheats in a box before .
  22. I found an 1876 Canadian penny. After looking on the internet I believe it is worth getting it graded. I have contacted a coin shop to see what they thing, but they have not responded. I have attached a photo of the coin. Does anyone know the best way to get it graded and is it worth it?
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