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  1. Hello, I have two pieces of gold sycee and i am not good in reading chinese characters can anyone read it ? Thank you Petro
  2. Thank you with numbers ia already familiar, but old old coins are dated in words and that is bit difficult for me , few examples here Nice day Petro
  3. Hi, i have several gold Umayyad coins , is here someone who know how to read dates on Umayyad coins , or where is the date located on the coin , Thank you Petro
  4. Hi guys , i need help i have Nepal 7 coin set VS 2013 = 1957 , but coin book doesn't have any information about it. Is here someone who is familiar with Nepal coins pleas help or try to guide me in right direction. Thank you Petro
  5. Hey guys , tomorrow 1/17/2017 at 9 AM , starts Stack’s Bowers auction , i found some really interesting medals here ,the medals i looked at , i noticed the reserves start at a much lower price than what the medals are really worth . Take a look at the medals and let me know what you guys think . https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/auctions/3-6AFZQ?jump_to_lot=6186 Have a nice day Petro
  6. petr


    HI Guys , i have 200 and 75 Rials coins but some of them have two hallmarks and some have only one , do somebody know why ? Please see the pictures below, thank you , sorry only one picture i can't make it smaller
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