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  1. After more than 3 years being out of circulation, you shouldn't feel guilty about keeping her for a few extra days, weeks, months...
  2. Andyy...hope everything works out and you get well. -Stu
  3. Love the title so I had to look. lol Very nice find! .
  4. One thing I have learned since the photo bug bit me a few years back...it is rarely the camera that is the problem. That may apply only to me but it applies very much to me. lol
  5. Yep. Looks like White Balance for sure...you can tell that easily from the change in background color...which looks like it was probably rendered pretty good in the first and way too warm in the second. Many cameras will let you set a manual white balance...typically you take a shot at a white piece of paper and it sets the white balance for subsequent photos. And, most all cameras have presets for sunny, cloudy, incandescent light, fluorescent light, etc. So, even if your camera doesn't have a manual setting, it may have a preset that will get you consistent output. I'd suggest finding a
  6. Been in that doldrum for several years. lol
  7. Hey Anton. Can you change my email addy in Omnicoin to be stujoe at stujoe.com so i can change my password? I think it is currently an old coinpeople email addres i used and obviously don't have access to any more.
  8. Good stuff and well explained and laid out. Your camera did a pretty good job on Auto. Not all do (and that can be highly lighting dependent too). Custom WB can be a big benefit when doing stuff like that.
  9. I think that is referred to as The Great Towel Incident. I 'throw' that one out there for the handful that will get it.
  10. I was just kidding Anton. No need to apologize. I know better than anyone that 'stuff' happens in website managing. And I am glad about Magic Shrek Ball! I am glad I still have a spare.
  11. I used to delete members with zero posts after a few months. I think a lot of them were probably spammers who didn't get past the email validation or whatever. I would like to ask nicely that (what I think is) my one remaining account...this one...not get deleted like the others!
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