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  1. Forgery could be a nonsense, in fact. I can add an interesting figure. Thickness should be 2.0 mmand it is for the first one, but it's 1.8 for the second one and that's what I regard as an important point of interest.
  2. I understood the main things that are what I needed. Thank you very much.
  3. Hallo everybody. I got two different coins of the issue in the subject, classified by Krause as 843.1 and 843.2 (different mint marks). The point is that weights are really differente. Krause's weight is 6.4 grams, but the first one i owe is 6.6 and the second one 6.0. Latter's thickness in really lower. I'd like to know if anybody knows this differebce or if I have to consider the case of forgery Thanks in advance Luca 843.1 843.2
  4. Hallo everybody. I need a help to understand how I can undertsand the difference between the Danish issue (Krause's C#47) and the Norwegian one (KM#245a) of the coin in the subject. They were issued by two differents mints, but how can I recognize them? Thanks in advance Luca
  5. On reverse CONSERVA NOS IN PACE 1725 that you can often read on Swiss Cantonal coins Diameter 21 mm (and it's correct) Weight 3,4 grams Metal: silver or it looks so, anywaw Here some links I found on the web https://www.muenzauk...&curr=EUR&psid= http://www.muenzaukt...0423024&lang=en ed a book tlaking about it, as well http://books.google....acensis&f=false Thaks in advance to anybody who could help me to find out more about it.
  6. Hallo everybody. I'd like to know something more aboit this token. precisely, I'd like to know your opinion about its genuinity and its usage. It should have been issued by Andernach's City Council (a German town, now in Rhineland) in 1725 On obverse, Andernach's seal. SIGNUM. SENAT. CIVIT. DIRECT. ANDERNACENSIS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andernach
  7. I bought a lot of them at wery low prices, but only more common ones...
  8. Che Guevara has never been President or Prime Minister, anyway. Mussolini could not be portraited on Italian coins, because this "honour" was reserved to the king. Let's not forget, Vittorio Emanuele III was an important numismatist and coin collector (and more interested in numsimatics than in his states' affairs) and he would have never allowed Mussolini to change this law. After the birth of Italian Social Republic, dies were transeferred from Rome to Aosta, so that there were no change in coinage. Hitler, simply, was not interested in such a thing, that he would have probably considered as monarchist... Anyway, there were some projects to coin "Hitler coin" but Germany was at the end of its most obscure period
  9. But I still don't know what it actually is
  10. No value, different weight and dimensions. It's all, but a normal one
  11. Could you post a couple of images to show us the difference, please?
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