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    The best Dragon banknote is the China 100 Yaun. Not sure what year, but try googling it. Dragon is BIG! Front & center!
  2. Nutmeg, I really appreciate that. Would you have any of the other notes from the series? Thanks!!!!!!
  3. That is a good collection, but i need high resolution photos for this project. Thanks anyways.
  4. I am really interested in the 5$ note...if anyone can dig that one up. High res please.
  5. Does anyone have a collection of the old Hawaiian Islands banknotes? If so, would they be willing to post some high res pics of the notes? THANKS
  6. It's a leather printing process. I've been carrying one around for about 12 months and it still looks great! Having a lot of fun with it
  7. Hey guys. I've been a member here on the forum for about a month and have really enjoyed being a part of this community. Banknote collecting is a hobby of mine, as is working with leather. About 3 years ago, i decided to combine my two hobbies and make leather wallet with banknote imagery. I love what i've created and think you guys may enjoy seeing it. I can take custom orders, 20$ a wallet if anyone is interested. Any and all feedback would be great.
  8. Which noteable revolutionaries have been featured on notes? I guess the word revolutionary is pretty subjective, but Emaliano Zapata (Mexico) and Che Guevara (Cuba) quickly come to my mind.
  9. Did Winston Churchill ever find himself on a note? if so, which one?
  10. What note did Mussolini appear on?
  11. skeeeeezo

    New $100

    lookin' good. when is it set for release?
  12. Did Joesph Stalin ever appear on Russian money? How about Hugo Chavez on the Venezuelan money? Fidel on Cuban?
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