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  1. It's great when you get something for nothing or really cheap
  2. First the disclaimer, I only know about these sites becaues I found them while googling for information about coins and medals and signed up to be a member much the same as the members of this forum most stuff found on line I think is random chance you search for something specific and end up with something usefull that you were not actually looking for. I have used both of these sites for a few years now one site I use for all the more common coins in my collection just so that I know what I have the other I used for my main collection which I then sort into themes and sub-collections. Neocollect. First off is http://www.neocollect.com I think this site is brilliant it allows you to organise your collection as much as you like much like a database for example I collect crown sized coins so at first I was happy cataloguing my coins into one section then I thought it would be nice to be able to look at silver only crowns so I made a sub-folder and put a copy of silver only coins into their own section, and so it went on a section for royal events a section for aircraft and maritme coins etc. etc. As an example of how much you can break down a collection here's my main profile page http://www.neocollect.com/user/ You can keep your collection private or make it public or you just click a button to make a folder public so parts or all of your collection can be kept private if you want Neocollect also has a community section were you can add your collection so others can see it and you can create your own communities if you want. I've made a cople of communities one for Commemoritive crowns and another for Royal families coins and medals. You can also make slideshows for yourself or for the world in general. This site also has a swap/sell theme but I have never used that part of the site, it has a research section which allows you to write up notes and articles about your collection. Each community has it's own forum attached. A down side to this site is that you have to add your own stuff if you want a picture of your collectable you have to supply them yourself this is not a site that has a massive collection of collectables where you just tick a box to show them in your collection but it is a very adaptable site because the cataloguing part allows for lots of information and it is adaptable you can add anything medals, coins, stamps, tokens. So that was http://www.neocollect.com Numista. The other site is http://en.numista.com this is a click your coin to add to your collection site and you can add your own coin if it is not in the database quite easily. This site does not allow you to organise your collection in any way countries are listed alphabetical and coins by denomination one addictive feature is the dashboard a map of the world which fills in country by country as you add coins makes you want to get a coin just to fill in the white bits. I personally use this site just to keep track of my coin collection the coins you get in a bulk lot you don't really collect but want to organise to see what you have again as with neocollect this site allows you to show your collection or keep it private. This site has a swap coin feature I've used this several times quite succesfully members are rated by other members to give an idea of how the swap went all of my swaps were okay but sometimes things go wrong for one reason or another so swapping is at your own risk. This site also has a forum. To sum up the two sites my favorite is the Neocollect because I get a great deal of pleasure from organising my collection here in a way that you cannot in the physical world as too many coins and medals fall into to many catagories in my coin trays they are organised by date at neocollect I can organise a collection into as many groups as I like I have also organised my collection by mint and by designer but I kept them private it's just somthing I'm working on at the moment. I have actully wrote this post using the Neocollect article feature. The Numista site is good for general bulk collection organisation with an option to swap you coins with others and has several good features but of the two the best is the Neocollect for for being able to organise your collection so well. Hope you find this usefull and at least enjoy looking at the coins and medals on the two sites. I've never wrote such a big posting and I'm worn out now so I'm off for a lie down now.
  3. I heard of mis-strike coins but this is the first time I've had one in my change.
  4. I've bought a couple more. 200 years since the birth of William Wyon. http://www.neocollect.com/item/8331/ Centenary of the Royal Navy Submarines. http://www.neocollect.com/item/8332/ There are quite a few others and some with coins and medals by different company's but I'm going to stick to the Royal Mint Mail issues as I have some produced by a Mercury distribution company with coins on and there are loads of them and I feel you have to try and draw the line somewhere when collecting.
  5. Could anyone tell me what W J H is the signature for on the obverse of this medal just under the King.
  6. http://news.sky.com/story/1097997/queens-head-her-majestys-changing-face Just thought it was interesting.
  7. I've been getting up close and personal with my coin collection, looking for mint marks and designer signatures and I've noticed that there are differences in the striking of coins even if they look the same. The Royal Mint and the Pobjoy Mint have used the same effigy of Queen Elizabeth II 1971-1984 by Arnold Machin. At a casual glance the obverse of the coins produced by both mints look the same but close inspection of the detail of the coin shows that the Pobjoy Mint obverse is not so detailed as the Royal mint version. The hair in the Pobjoy strike is smoother with less strands of hair the Queens eyebrow is hardly visibly and the obverse of the Pobjoy Mint coins has a matte frosted appearance. The rim of the royal Mint coins are beaded and the rim of the Pobjoy mint coins are toothed. The photo's I have are not detailed enough to see the differences so if you have any coins from this period compare them.
  8. Ive just received a cover this morning with a medal in and I've put all my other stamp covers and Philately related collectables here. http://www.neocollect.com/coll/6417/
  9. I've recently discovered that there are a lot of coins and medals included in first day of issue stamp envelopes from around the world and some are not to badly priced does anyone collect these? If you do are there any that would be more collectable than others? I've got some distributed by Mercury they seem to be quite common and I have seen some distributed by Benson. Most have an issue number on the envelope I know that will be for the number of envelopes issued and not the coins does anyone know what he maximum issue figures are for these envelopes. My main coin/medal collecting theme is the Royal Family. Hope this is not to vague thanks for any information.
  10. We used to have Wellington on the five pound and it was removed because in these times of the EEC it was not thought a good idea to commemorate wars a the defeat of fellow partners. Some Churchill medals and coins http://www.neocollect.com/coll/6403/
  11. I have a bronze medal by Anton Scharff a picture and information can be found here, http://www.neocollect.com/item/4790/ A newspaper article published and the time the medal was stuck say the medal was not for sale to the public and was going to be given to friends only. The medal was struck for an American printing firm to commemorate the Guttenberg press. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this medal in books or in collections? Does anyone know how many friends Mr. Hoes had? (a clue to mintage.) I understand that Anton Scharff was supposed to be one of the better sculptors so if this a bit of a rare one off medal would it be valuable. Thanks for your time. Dave
  12. Does anyone know the mintage figures for this medal? http://www.neocollect.com/item/7503/
  13. I also have a set of 1962 Republic of South Africa coins, of these coins this is the lowest mintage at 8,745
  14. I have a set of 1960 South African coins in uncirculated condition. The threepence has a mintage of 18,000 and the Halfcrown a mintage of 12,000. The rest can be found here. http://www.neocollect.com/coll/5935/?page=4
  15. Hello hope you enjoy the site. What are your collecting interests? Mine are wide and varied medals, coins and tokens.
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