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Hello from Portugal

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Hi, from Gaia , Portugal , the Oporto wine cellars region...

I found this Forum because I was "tracking" a bad swapper...and "he" is here...:ninja: be aware!!!

I'm a beginner in collecting coins of the whole world (sorry for my english). ;)

I don´t know if I can participate soon because I need time to read as many topics as I can.

I expect to learn a lot and find here answers to my lack of knowledge in numismatics.

I´m not a dealer but if you need some portuguese coins, please let me know.

Regards. Alfredo Pinheiro

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Welcome to CP. If you need any British coins email me!

Enjoy your stay with the people here. Great bunch!


All the best,


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Welcome Fredo!

Your English is every bit as good as mine and I was born here. (U.S.A.) :ninja:


CP is a great place to learn about anything involving coins and banknotes. Everyone is supportive and helpful and there are a lot of links to other sites that have been put up by the 'ones who know everything'.





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Hello Alfredo,


Welcome from Germany. If you are collecting Commemorative Coins of Portugal, do you know the programme of 2009? Is there finally a EURO Commemorative Coin on the 700th anniversary of the University of Coimbra?




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