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    tractors,music, older cars and trucks, and of course coins!!

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  1. Thanks gx! The coin is very worn down. Would it be worth using acid on to find out if its a china coin? I only paid 10cents for it?
  2. Thanks ccg! Any idea on the price of a coin like this?
  3. Been trying to find out where this coin is from and its age can i get some help? Pics arnt the best but its what i got
  4. Welcome fellow buckeye! Im about 45 mins away in washington court house
  5. Nice error! Bet that on will fetch a pretty pennie
  6. I'm not too much on these kind of coins how much would somthing like this cost me?
  7. That would make a really nice christmas gift to a certain friend in ohio (me) lol very nice coin!
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